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Choose vegetable dryer adopt heat pump closed

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-20
Vegetable dryer adopts heat pump closed-loop dehumidification to improve drying quality and processing efficiency If you want to buy vegetable dryer, and vegetable dryer is not very understand, today on this small make up to give you a detailed introduction to understand the vegetable dryer products what equipment characteristics, how to choose the right dryer for you? 1. Traditional electric vegetable dryer A lot of part electric heating dryer is electric heat pipe heating or electromagnetic heating, say here, will say his electricity consumption, namely his power. We all know that the power of the dryer is related to its output. The larger the output, the larger the equipment, and the more power it needs. 2. IKE heat pump closed-loop dehumidifying vegetable drying method Host principle of heat pump dryers are finned evaporator (machine), compressor, fin condenser (machine) and expansion valve of four parts, by letting air continuously complete evaporation (absorb heat from the outdoor environment) to compression, condensation (gives off heat drying room) indoors to throttle, thermodynamic cycle process of evaporation, again to the external environment at low temperature in the heat transfer to the drying room, under the action of refrigerant in the compressor circulating in the system. Main engine power + fan power, 3 pieces of vegetable dryer, with standard board room 2500x1120x2000 size drying room, can be used every day at least can dry more than 500 jin of vegetables, is now the traditional hot processing can not achieve the effect. IKE vegetable dryer closed-loop dehumidification can greatly improve drying efficiency and quality
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