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Application and process advantages of seafood Heat Pump Dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-25
I. Seafood heat pump dryer is suitable for drying seafood with large water content such as fish, shrimp, crab, squid, abalone, sea cucumber, conch, kelp, etc. Second, the seafood drying precautions/process requirements temperature: the drying of seafood generally requires a relatively low temperature to avoid high temperature affecting the quality of the product after drying. Humidity: the general water content of seafood is large, so controlling the moisture discharge is an important factor in determining the drying quality. In addition, since the water content of seafood exists in fat and grease, dehydration is difficult, controlling the dehydration rate is critical. Color: it is very important to keep the color of seafood after drying. Drying time: the drying cycle of seafood is generally long, and rapid drying will generally destroy the drying quality. Circulating air: Seafood drying generally requires a large circulating air volume and a high wind speed to prevent water vapor from remaining on the material surface. Third, the use of traditional drying equipment defects: drying process is difficult to meet the requirements of food hygiene; The dust in the oven is large, and the color of the finished product is dim; Need to change coal halfway, labor intensity; During the drying process, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, coal ash, etc. are produced in large quantities, and the working environment is evil; The coal flue gas has serious corrosion to the equipment in the oven and the service life of the equipment is short; Temperature and humidity are difficult to realize automatic control, and the temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly during drying, which affects the drying quality. Four, seafood heat pump drying advantages: 1, the traditional open heat pump dryer unit disadvantages ①, the unit decreases with the external environment temperature, and the heat and cop attenuation is large, can not meet the drying process requirements all the year round. (2) when the external environment is lower than 5℃, the open unit will defrost periodically, which causes the temperature in the drying room to drop rapidly, resulting in temperature fluctuation in the drying room affecting the drying quality. ③ The open system will discharge a large amount of heat out of the drying room and lose a large amount of heat in the process of moisture removal. 2. Advantages of closed dehumidification and drying system, ① composite system, with both open unit and closed unit functions, can choose heating mode according to the actual demand of material drying process; Wet discharge mode; Dehumidification mode; Intelligent mode operation. Only drainage does not drain heat, no energy loss, higher drying efficiency, 80% energy saving than traditional drying equipment. ② From outside environment the influence of temperature and humidity. Closed heat pump cycle, condensation and dehumidification conditions are stable, the system has nothing to do with the external environment temperature and humidity, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, safe operation in the east, west, south and north. (3) zero emission, no pollution. Can be fully sealed operation, zero emission, no pollution, environmental protection preferred. External dust and mosquito creatures cannot enter the air duct, which is healthy and hygienic. 4, the drying quality is guaranteed. Low-temperature closed dehumidification drying, less damage to the organization of the goods, small deformation, good rehydration reducibility, good quality; The effective ingredients of the article are not lost, which greatly improves the drying quality level. ⑤, Good consistency. Closed hot air circulation, strong wind convection, no ventilation dead angle, uniform and consistent, to ensure the consistency of all drying materials process, no need to flip materials in the drying process, save artificial ⑥ industrial liquid crystal touch screen intelligent control. Fully automatic operation, saving a lot of labor costs and greatly improving production efficiency; Accurate temperature and humidity intelligent segmented control, free from electromagnetic interference; Easy to operate, can realize remote transmission centralized control, and easily realize intelligent management;
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