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wire shelves or polymer grid shelves? selecting the appropriate product finish - stainless steel wire shelves

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-24
wire shelves or polymer grid shelves? selecting the appropriate product finish  -  stainless steel wire shelves
The open construction shelf system is considered a steel wire shelf and a polymer grid shelf.
Many end users do not know that there will be a wide variety of options when choosing these open building shelf systems.
Performance, quality, flexibility, and economics are key factors in making decisions for the most appropriate choices. Standard Steel-
The wire shelf known as the original wire storage system.
Nearly 30 years ago, a revolutionary concept that was fresh and innovative from the beginning.
Open line construction allows air circulation, visibility and minimize dust build-up.
Depending on the manufacturer, the wire rack system can offer a large number of accessory options to create a unique adaptability that suits your needs.
The standard steel shelf system has the following finishes: Brite is an eco-friendly
Excellent friendly protective finish like chrome.
It has an extrathick, high-
Glossy galvanized, provides an economical alternative to Chrome shelves.
Since this finish is oxidized for a period of time without compromising the integrity or durability of the building, it is usually specified for commercial installation in a dry environmentstorage areas.
Chrome is an electroplating finish that provides a more reflective mirror surface.
It will not be oxidized or discolored, minimizing scratches.
This finish is usually specified for commercial installation with customer visibility and long term decorative appeal.
If your installation is located on the coastline, please note that the salt water will reduce the chrome finish and you may need to consider the "powder coated" finish.
Powder coated finish is electric
Static applied, then cured under heat, forming the skin on the steel.
The powder can be a thermoplastic or a hot-solid polymer.
This finish is harder than traditional paint, and the application process is more eco-friendly than the plating finish.
The powder coating breaks down if it is continuously exposed to UV light for 5 to 10 years.
If UV exposure is not a problem, the powder coated finish will maintain its original appearance for years to come.
Powder-coated finishes are available in a variety of colors.
Epoxy coating is more
A layer-resistant corrosion finish consisting of cross-linked hot-solid resin.
It has excellent wear-resistant, rust-proof, chiseled and chemical corrosion resistance.
When combined with antimicrobial agents, it provides protection against bacteria, mold and fungi --
It can lead to odor, stains and product degradation.
This finish is suitable for wet places and is widely used in the food service and healthcare industries.
This product usually comes with a limited warranty extended to prevent rust.
Stainless steel-
Stainless steel, electric
The polished type 304 is the final product material due to its recognized low maintenance and antibacterial properties.
It is unmatched for wear, gouge, temperature and corrosion resistance requirements.
Perfect for walking
In the fridge/freezer application and wet place.
Widely used in food services, clean rooms, healthcare, laboratories and marine environments. Polymer -
Grid shelf polymer shelf provides longer time
Life durability and the performance of stainless steel shelves are just a fraction of the cost.
Today's advanced polymer and epoxy coated steel designs offer superior performance compared to wire racking. Easy-to-
Clean the smooth surface to promote a cleaner environment and a higher level of safety.
All the shelves can be cleaned in a fraction of the time of the wire.
The polymer system is lighter in weight and corrosion resistant and is suitable for various configurations and accessories.
For strength and rigidity, the shelves should have reinforced stainless steel corners.
The polymer system should provide complete built-in functionality
Antibacterial agents used to prevent the breeding of bacteria, molds and fungi
It can lead to odor, stains and product degradation.
Please note that some manufacturers only provide spray
Antibacterial coating that can be worn out.
However, a complete built-in
Antimicrobial Agents in the polymer itself will provide protection for the life of shelf products. Built-
Antibiotics are favored by food services, laboratories and healthcare industries for their durability and unquestionable protection.
Based on flexibility, quality and economics, making the best and most appropriate shelf finish choices will directly affect the overall life of your storage solution needs and product performance.
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