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win this dehydrator! - excalibur food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-22
win this dehydrator!  -  excalibur food dehydrator
Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are not just eaten outdoors.
People who go camping.
Apple, pear, bell pepper, tomatoyou name it—
For anyone, it can become a healthy, portable snack.
Instead of always going to the store
Buy the version and enjoy the version you made at home with the Shenjian dehydrator. The five-
Tray machine provides 8 square feet of space to dry many different foodseven meat.
You can buy your own Excalibur dehydrator or enter the chance to win in the comments.
In the comments, let us know what you are most excited about.
The game started at 10: 00. m.
Eastern Time ends today, Friday, October 18, at five o'clock P. M. P. M. m. EST.
We randomly gave a Excalibur dehydrator to one.
Reviewers have been selected.
When submitting a comment, you must include your email address in the "email" field so that we can communicate with you if you are a winner.
You only need to comment once to think about it, you don't have to buy anything to win;
Buying will not increase your chances of winning.
Odds depend on the total number of entries.
The prohibited place is invalid.
Only open to 50 legal residents of the United StatesS. states, D. C.
Or Puerto Rico, you won at least 18.
The first day of the giveaway, all entries (answers)
Must be entered between 10: 00m.
United States Eastern time October 16 and 5m.
October 18, 2013 Eastern United States time
Full compliance with official regulations.
By leaving a comment on the blog, you acknowledge that you have accepted the official rules.
ARV for each award: $249. 95.
Sponsor: Scripps Network, 9721 Sheryl Avenue d/B/a Food Network Co. , Ltd. , Knoxville, Tennessee 37932.
So tell us, what is your most exciting dehydration? Fruits? Veggies? Meat?
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