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why do pineapple enzymes tenderize steak -- and your tongue? - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-12
why do pineapple enzymes tenderize steak -- and your tongue?  -  beef jerky dehydrator
It's summer. The in-
The law gathers in your backyard, the kids are running on the sprinkler, you are proud to work on the grill and flip the steak like a professional.
Soon you pile the steak on the plate.
"Come and Get It! " you call out.
Your family and friends put their plates together with your signature steak and are still hot.
When guests sit down, you step back and watch them eat the first bite and measure their reaction carefully.
The news is not good.
Like a dog trying to pull socks out of your clenched fist, your guests pull and strain on their meat, trying to rip off a bite --size pieces.
Aunt Pat was the first to get involved. Always.
"I have had beef jerky more tender than this steak!
Aunt Pat complained.
When all eyes fell on the cook, the two things became obvious.
First, Pat is not your favorite aunt, and second, you didn't tender the steak properly before cooking it.
Thank you for your hard steak collagen.
These long protein ties the steak together.
Collagen is basically a "binding" of spinal tissue like cattle and humans, providing its structure for muscle tissue.
Collagen is the main component of tendons, ligaments and other connected tissues.
The tenderization steps break this structural bond and let you enjoy the food.
You can achieve this in several ways.
Tender with wood or steel-
There are two options for aging the meat so that its natural enzymes break down muscle tissue.
Also, you can sprinkle some of the meat tenderers or pierce the meat with an electric or mechanical tenderizer.
The adventurous chef can even put the meat under water and tender it with the shock wave generated by underwater explosives.
Alternatively, you can put the explosives aside and use the fresh pineapple, especially the most abundant enzyme in the pineapple stem: pineapple protein.
Pineapple will not only degrade the tough fiber of the meat, but also eat the human tongue.
How does it do this?
Can it dissolve your fingerprints as well?
Why did you invite Aunt Pat to your picnic?
Find out the answers to at least two of these questions in the next section.
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