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who ya gonna call? the dogs of r.a.t.s. - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-12
who ya gonna call? the dogs of r.a.t.s.  -  beef jerky dehydrator
There are many ways to spend a weekend night alone: go dancing, try new restaurants, binge --
Look at the office and take your puppy to catch a mouse and kill a mouse on the streets of New York.
Things for the weekend.
Ryders Lane trench Society, referred to as R. A. T.
The United States has been meeting since 1995.
Richard Reynolds was about half his bag.
A dozen dogs are similar to some.
Thoughtful friends, along with their dogs, began wandering the streets of New York City, traditionally raised and recently trained to flush mice out of hiding places,R. A. T. S.
It has about 65 members, provided or acquired, and an active Facebook page.
Most dogs are border dogs, norfolk dogs, Fox dogs and sausage dogs.
All varieties with a history of being raised are doing dirty canvassing work.
The job of small varieties is to remove mice from the garbage.
The longer the rodent walks along the sidewalk
The breeds with legs chase them.
When they catch a mouse, they give it a good shake to kill it, and then they bring the mouse back to their human being, who puts it in a bag for processing.
Not everyone likes the idea.
The American Humane Society and Human Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Both noticed that this was not very humane for mice.
There is a little concern that this is dangerous for dogs, and they may be infected with the hook-end spiral disease, a bacterial infection that is common in mice.
Some people are also worried that dogs will take rat medicine that mice have taken, but so far this has not become a problem.
The two dogs had several scratches and minor bites, but there were first aid supplies in their team.
In this city, it is not illegal to shit with dogs, and some people are like this.
Residents are encouraged to contact R. A. T. S.
If they notice the presence of mice outside, they will notice it.
No fees are charged, although the organization did note "Thanks for the coffee, water and honor.
"They received the latter in 2017, when the organization was commended by Eric Ulrich, a member of Queens for their work.
Recognition of mankind;
Gave the dog bones and beef jerky.
For out-of-town dogs who love to do what they were born to do, there is barn hunting.
In the campaign, officially launched in the United States in April 2013, dogs track mice around obstacles such as hay bales.
Mice themselves are placed in inflatable tubes so that dogs can smell and hear them, but they cannot kill them.
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