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whirlpool dryer heating element 279838 - whirlpool clothes dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-18
whirlpool dryer heating element 279838  -  whirlpool clothes dryer
Whirlpool dryer heating element 279838 is a common alternative to newer dryers.
Let's explain below. It is recommended to replace the hot cut kit and components.
When you try to dry your clothes, it's not a great thing when the dryer says it's dry and the clothes are still wet.
So now you will automatically think of it as your heating element.
This may be, but usually the element 279838 is quite powerful and it's just a hot cut out kit.
If you have a big question about testing things with a volt meter, then you can simply test to see which one is not good or see it physically.
This is the same as any brand and can easily be tested or seen in bad health.
Always unplug the dryer when you go to test the heating element so you don't hurt yourself, however, when this is a simple general repair that will cost you a service person, why not change it yourself?
The heating element 279838 uses a 240 V traction of about 5200 Watts.
Reaching about 300 degrees, then the heat is cut off is the reason for the operating element so that your dryer, lint or clothes don't catch fire.
The average cost of this part on the internet is about $50.
The heat kit is about half the cost, but the key is that there will basically be a brand new heating system in your dryer that you don't want to replace.
It's really worth repairing.
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