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whirlpool dryer electric heating parts - whirlpool dryer parts

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-24
whirlpool dryer electric heating parts  -  whirlpool dryer parts
You need to know something when you're looking for Whirlpool dryer heating parts.
I bet the first thing you think of when your dryer is not heated is your heating element.
Don't worry, that's what about 85% others believe.
Are you sure this is your element?
Does your part heating element terminal have a voltage of 220 V?
Is there continuity in your terminal?
Or did you actually take out the element and see a bad point in the element?
If you can't answer any of these questions, minimize the screen, or print the article and carry it with you.
If you can answer the question and your element does not match the part number, or contact us for further assistance.
How to take the back panel apart, pull the dryer out or get it to the back.
Unplug the dryer.
Take off the air vent of the dryer. Take the 10-
12 screws of 1/4.
Remove the rear panel.
Now you should be able to see the heating elements and other parts of the dryer.
How to Check bad heating elements and component parts.
Keep the dryer unplugged, grab your Ohm/volt meter and keep continuity.
Ground a lead to the heating element box and a bare heating element terminal.
If you have continuity then you may have a short circuit element.
Pull the element and check.
Still keep the dryer unplugged and check the continuity of one bare element terminal and the other side of the heating element.
Now, that doesn't mean anything at times, but elements can be good or bad if you have continuity.
So it would be better to take it out and evaluate it, or try another option.
Now plug the dryer back in and turn it on, but make sure all the removed wires are replaced and reconnected.
Put the Ohm/volt meter on a voltage of 220v or higher, if your HDD is worse than the dryer heating element, check the two heating element terminals if there is no reference to the thermal safety fuse.
How to check the bad thermal safety switch.
What is heat safety?
Its role is safe when your element or dryer gets hot, it doesn't burn your house or hurt the dryer more, but it goes bad and basically sends a warning signal.
Now you may want to know where this hot part is.
It is easy to find the appearance in the upper left corner of the element shooting.
Make sure the dryer unplugs and then disconnect a wire from safety, if yes, check for continuity then it's fine, you have a bigger problem, please contact us for more help, if you do not replace the hot safety switch.
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