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whirlpool clothes dryer how hi-limit thermostats work | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-21
Since the clothes dryer generates a large amount of heat during normal operation, it is important to provide a secondary safety option in the event of a problem.A hi-The Limit thermostat is a safety feature that prevents the dryer from overheating, because once the temperature reaches a certain point within the dryer, it forces the circuit that powers the heater to be turned on.This makes hi-Limiting the thermostat is not only used as a secondary safety option for the main thermostat, but also as a secondary safety option for other components such as thermal resistors and blowers.
Hi-standard locationLimit the thermostat to turn off, allowing the current to flow continuously to the heater.Under normal circumstances, the main operating thermostat of the dryer will cycle on and off the heater to prevent the temperature inside the dryer from rising too high.The hi-In all of these cycles, the limit thermostat will remain unaffected as the temperature inside the dryer will remain below the activation hi-Limit sensor (250 in general-Although the exact temperature of some dryer models may vary ).
If the temperature in the dryer exceeds hi-Limit the thermostat and the device will power the dryer heater on and off.There are several different situations that can cause a temperature rise, including faulty parts such as the primary operating thermostat, the thermal resistor, and the blower.Other conditions that may cause the temperature to rise are enough to make hi-Limiting the thermostat includes improper configuration of components such as the main thermostat or heater.Clogged or blocked vents can also cause a significant increase in the temperature inside the dryer, which is activated hi-Limit the thermostat.
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