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Cost for Replacing the Heating Element on a Dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-29

where to buy heating element for dryer Cost for Replacing the Heating Element on a Dryer
The heating element on the dryer is a resistor coil similar to the element on the electric room heater, and replacing it is a simple home repair task. The gas dryers do not have heating elements, but they have ignition coils that may fail and need to be replaced, and the work is as simple as that. If you do not hire maintenance technicians, replacing any of them should not be more expensive than the price of the new parts. To replace the heating element or ignition coil in the dryer, you must remove the repair cover on the front of the appliance or the plate on the back. After disconnecting the dryer from the power and gas, you can usually lift any of them after removing several screws. The coil of the hair dryer can be released by unplugging the coil of the hairdryer and unscrewing the screw, or by unscrewing or removing the gas ignition coil from the gas valve to remove the gas ignition coil. As long as you check the dryer manual and know where everything is, no operation should be more than an hour. 

The price of the heating element of the hair dryer varies by brand and model, but usually between $35 and $100.The price of the gas ignition coil is similar and you should not pay more than $100 for one coil. If the replacement element or coil returns the dryer to work and you make the replacement yourself, then that is the full cost of your repair. If you hire a maintenance technician, the diagnostic fee is usually included in the cost of the service phone. Depending on your dryer model, the typical diagnostic cost is between $30 and $80.Even after replacing the heating element or the ignition coil, the dryer may not be able to heat, which is usually related to one of the two thermostats in the circuit. After checking their location with the help of the manual, you can test them--Unplug the machine--It's ohrazer. If both show infinite resistance when you touch the lead of the meter to its terminal, you need to replace it. The cost of replacing the thermostat can be as high as $50.Also, check the hot fuse; If the fuse is broken, it will take about $10 to replace the fuse. If the heating element of your dryer burns more than once in a year or two, the hot fuse that should protect it may be defective, so it is a good idea to replace it. The temperature in the heated room may also be too high, which may be caused by poor ventilation. Usually, bad ventilation is caused by lint blockage, but if you can confirm that there is no problem, ventilation can be inefficient, probably because it is too long or there are too many curves. If so, you may have to install a new vent.                                

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