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where can i buy a dehydrator how to dehydrate orange slices | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-21
Drying fruit for your own consumption is still a pleasant pastime, even if it is no longer a winter survival skill in the past.When you prepare your own food, you can know well what you are eating.You can also go beyond obvious and dry fun options --common fruits.For example, orange slices that are easily dehydrated in China are rarely sold commercially.
From small to medium selectionThe size of the Orange, the taste and color are very good.If possible, buy and taste individual oranges to feel their taste before you invest heavily.Wash the orange carefully under cold water, tap water to remove any dirt or residue before cutting it.You need a sharp knife or a good mandolin slicer to make a neat and clean circle, preferably 1/4 thick.Slow and meticulous work;The more evenly the slices, the more evenly they dry.
If you have a dehydrator, the rest of the process is easy.Arrange the slices evenly on the tray of the dehydrator, leaving a lot of room for air to circulate between them.If your dehydrator has an adjustable heat setting, use the minimum--Usually around 125 degrees Fahrenheit.-Keep the orange fresh.When you're done, the slices should be dry and crisp, unlike most dried fruits.This can take 2 or 12 hours depending on the dehydrator and other factors such as the ambient humidity level you live in.
You can still successfully dry orange slices if you don't have a dehydrator, although it's a bit of a workload.Place the slices evenly on parchmentLined with a baking tray, use as many baking trays as possible to put on the rack of the oven.Arrange the racks on top and bottom three ds of the oven and load them with orange slices.Set the oven to the lowest temperature it can manage, ideally 140 F or less, such as the temperature used by the dehydrator.If it is not less than 150 F or more please turn the oven on and off halfhour intervals.Turn the orange slices regularly until they are completely dry, which can take 2 to 12 hours of dehydrator.
Once the dry pieces are completely cooled, you can pack them into air-tight bags or containers for storage.There are many uses for slicing.Use them to season tea and punch, add them to sauces and marinades, or crush them in your spice grinder and use them on poultry, fish or baked goodsCraftsmen and home decoration experts also value them.When dried at low temperatures, Orange and other citrus slices present a translucent "stained glass" appearance, which makes them an attractive decorative element on holiday displays or Christmas trees.
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