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what to check when your whirlpool electric dryer won't start - kenmore electric dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-23
what to check when your whirlpool electric dryer won\'t start  -  kenmore electric dryer
The first thing the dryer needs is the correct voltage, that is, the correct voltage at the terminal.
There should be 240 volts from L1 to L2 and 120 volts from N to L1 and N to L2.
The thermal fuse is a protective device used on the dryer.
If the operating thermostat is not turned on at a preset temperature of about 150 degrees, the hot fuse will fuse.
When you find that the hot fuse is blown, you need to replace the operating thermostat and the hot fuse at the same time.
The push start switch of the start switch is the switch used to start the dryer motor.
There are two different types of push to start the switch.
The conventional push of the start switch and the relay push of the start switch.
The regular switch is a short switch, in other words, it only turns on when you press it.
When you push it throughout the cycle, the relay stays on.
Door switch door safety switch is used to ensure that the dryer stops running when the door on the dryer is opened.
This switch works with the start switch, in other words, the dryer stops running when you open the dryer door, to start the dryer again you need to close the door and press the start button, let it run again.
The timer is the brain of the dryer.
It is responsible for distributing the power to the right part of the dryer.
Contact wear with time and use, sometimes poor contact.
The Motor is responsible for turning the dryer tumbler and eventually connecting to the heating circuit.
As you can see, there are many parts that need to be checked to find out why your Whirlpool dryer won't start.
When replacing parts, it can be very expensive to guess.
The easier way is to learn how to check these parts in order to fix the dyer yourself.
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