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what is the best food dehydrator how to dry persimmon | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-21
Persimmon is orange-A red fruit that tastes similar to when dating, but not too sweet.The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried after preservation.According to your equipment and time limit, there are several ways to dry persimmon.Persimmon is a good source of dietary fiber, both fresh and dry, according to the journal Food Science and Technology.
Peel the persimmon skin and discard it with a vegetable peeler or a peeler.If you put your skin on the fruit, it won't dry, but it will continue to mature, according to Sunset magazine.
Tie a rope on the stem of persimmon.If the stem has been removed, circle the rope around the flower lamp, which is the area at the top of the fruit grown by the stem.Most persimmons have a big flower.
Nail with a hammer on a wall, ceiling, or rack used to dry fruit.Place the nails high enough so that the persimmons do not touch the ground and it is easy for pets or children to reach.
Let the fruit be dehydrated separately.Depending on the size of the fruit and the humidity in the air, the process may take a month.When the texture is tough, remove the fruit from the suspension.
Set the oven to 150 F when you peel the fruit.
Cut the persimmon into slices with a sharp knife;The thickness of the slice is a matter of personal choice.
Put the Persimmon on the metal cooling rack in the oven-safe.Place the cooling rack at the top of the cookie sheet.
Put the fruit slices in the oven and dry for about 8 hours.Every once in a while, maybe every hour, check the progress of the drying.Flip the fruit with pliers at each inspection station to ensure a uniform drying.
When the edges begin to be crisp but still soft, remove the dried persimmons from the oven.
Peel the persimmon and slice it with a peeling knife.
Place the fruit slices on the shelf of the food dehydrator so that they can be close to each other but not in contact with each other.
Turn the dehydrator on to a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and let the fruit dry for about 24 hours.Check the progress occasionally and turn over the fruit.
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