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Uses of Freeze Drying

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-25

What is freeze drying? Freeze-Drying or freeze-drying is the removal of water from the substance using controlled temperature circulation and vacuum. The product is frozen and heated slowly in a vacuum: then sublimate the frozen water molecules in the item, which are passed directly from the solid "ice" to the gas "evaporation" phase, completely bypassing the liquid phase. The vacuum takes the water vapor away from the product and transfers it to the freezer condenser coil where the steam is re-applied freeze. This part of the process is called primary drying. After one drying process is completed, the secondary drying process is started. Secondary drying includes the removal of any residual non-Frozen water molecules left in the product. Temperature rise-different freeze-drying cycles are used for different products (the adsorption equation or water molecules maintain the temperature of the combination with the material, which will vary depending on the dry product ). The amount of vacuum is increased (the pressure is reduced) to further drain the water from the product. Once the frozen-The drying process is completed, frozen-Dry items can be sealed under vacuum or in the presence of inert gas (usually nitrogen) to prevent moisture contamination of the final product. As a method of preservation, many foods are freeze-dried. Once the food is frozen, After drying, the shelf life is extended for a long time. Some foods may have a shelf life of up to 25 years! Freeze-Since the water has been removed, the weight of frozen food is very light. This makes it very useful for camping and hiking as it is easier to ship more food when it is frozen-dried. Long shelf life, suitable for storage in the first aid box or food storage room. Military use freeze-Dry food (meals) of Mre )-NASA uses it for space exploration. When it's time to eat, the water will join in. Floods and fires are a terrible tragedy for any homeowner or business.

Typically, water damage to fire sprinkler can cause significant damage to property including documents. Freeze-Drying is a way to save water books, documents, and even X-Hospital lab damaged lightWhen water-The paper recorded is freeze-dried and the water is removed from the fibers without causing any warping or fading of the document. Rare books and legal documents are usually restored in this way, as the process does not cause damage to the fine paper. Century time capsule freeze-The dryer can be used to put the books back in their original state with wooden toys. Freeze-Preservation of floral art is another commercial application of freeze-drying. Many brides want to keep their bouquets indefinitely and will contact freeze --Dry companies that carry out this service. Frozen though expensiveDry flowers maintain color better than traditional dry flowers and last longer. Another popular modern wedding tradition is freezing when the bride and groom leave the ceremony, the dried rose petals will be tossed. Unlike fresh rose petals, the frozen dried petals do not rot or stain. They are also completely biodegradable, making them an environment-friendly option. Hunters often want to save the game trophies they captured and freeze-Drying is one of the best ways to create lasting mounts. Fishermen sometimes handle and install catches. Larger specimens of smaller animals and fish are easier to process: Most deer and bears are preserved in a more traditional way (putting sunburned skin on the mountain ). As an alternative to burial or cremation, some pet owners freeze their pets died. This is an expensive option for keeping pets that have passed, but the animal's body will be kept for a long time. In essence, freeze-dried animals are a form of mummies. Moisture molecules are removed to prevent any rot. Freeze-The drying cycle increases over time, so it takes longer for frozen pets to freeze and dry bouquets than to freeze. It can take 3 months for a kitten, and it can take 6 months for a bigger dog to freeze and dry! Freeze-drying is used to preserve many different drugs and laboratory reagents. Bacteria may be frozen. Dry to preserve the strain for future use, or the drug can be freeze-dried to improve its stability and shelf life. Freeze-dried pharmaceutical products can reduce the weight of transportation, improve shelf life, and generally do not require refrigeration. For example, despite cold storage, plasma is not particularly stable in liquid form, as coagulation factors and other blood enzymes deteriorate rapidly. Freeze-dried plasma is very stable, light in weight and stable over a longer period of time than liquid plasma. Although some freeze-dried vaccines and organisms still need to be refrigerated and stored in 2-8 ℃ than in-20°C. The ability to freeze vaccines and other drugs makes it possible to transport to developing countries. Not only do large pharmaceutical companies use frozen oil. Many small businesses thrive by selling frozen flowers, food and doing repair work. The dimensions of the freeze-drying equipment are different and can be purchased according to the specific application. Heat-Other useful devices include the use of product temperature monitoring probes and trays to place products in a frozen size. The freeze-drying tray must be kept unbent and made of conductive materials such as stainless steel. During the freeze-drying process, the product must maintain good contact with the shelf because the shelf temperature controls the product temperature.                                

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