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what is food dehydration? - home food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-26
what is food dehydration?  -  home food dehydrator
As long as humans are hunting and catching prey all the time, keeping food through drying already exists.
Hunters will lay on the meat pieces and let the sun and wind blow the meat pieces naturally so that there will be food in the future.
This process will dry the food and prevent the growth and decay of microorganisms.
Everything needs air and water, and there is no difference in bacteria.
By drying, bacteria and microorganisms cannot survive in food.
In addition, a hard external form that helps new microorganisms enter the source.
Evaporation is the key to dehydration because all water is pumped out.
The simple scientific principle behind this reasoning is that biological behavior is impossible without water or air.
Enzymes can exist in the form of a naturally occurring plasmin within bacteria, fungi, or food, but without food sources, they will die very quickly.
For centuries, food dehydration has been maintained, but several methods have been added to achieve the same results.
In addition to the sun drying, there are now bed dryers, Shelf dryers, spray drying, freeze drying and commercial food dehydrators.
Your home oven can even be used as a tool to extract moisture from a variety of foods.
Every culture in the world uses dehydration.
Dried squid is a protein for many generations in Europe, and the owners of the Western Indian plantation will provide their slaves with dried salted fish.
The beef jerky is made of beef and venison.
Dry, salty reindeer meat is a traditional food for the Sami.
Salt water is used to marinate the meat for a few days and then put in the sun when the temperature is below freezing point.
Fruit is a good choice for dry grapes to become raisins.
Mushrooms are perfect for storing in food and are more delicious than cans.
Vegetable balls like peppers and onions are also effective, but most vegetables are not dry due to the removal of key vitamins.
The most popular drying method so far is the use of a food dehydrator.
The food dehydrator is simple to use, uniform to dry and fast to guess the recommended time and temperature.
It provides a heat source sufficient to ensure that microorganisms cannot grow;
The air flow cycles dry air, and even provides trays to hold food during drying.
The ease of preparation makes cooking easier and more economical.
When fresh fruits are not readily available and children like dried fruits and beef jerky as snacks, it's great to use dried fruits in recipes.
No preservatives make dry food a healthier way to eat.
Food Dehydration is the perfect solution to prevent food from spoiling and enjoy the taste in the next few days or months.
It is not uncommon to see dry food with a shelf life of one year, and as a special enjoyment during a camping trip, it is quick and easy to catch, on the beach, or just on the way out.
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