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what is dehydration paper napkins - what is the history - catering

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-08
Napkins are usually small folded rectangular paper used to wipe your mouth while eating.Napkins, originally from the French word nappe, have been used for centuries to protect clothing and clean up spills or food.In the UK and other Commonwealth countries, napkins are traditionally made of paper because napkins are made of fabric.
In a more upscale market, napkins are used.The traditional napkin is the cloth on the left side that is folded outside the outermost fork.In an ambitious restaurant or dining restaurant, it can be folded more or less and displayed on empty plates.
Napkins were used in ancient Rome.
The earliest date mentioned in English for napkins is 1384-1385.The historical summary of napkins often says that ancient Greeks wipe their hands with bread.This is suggested by a passage from the letter alciphones (3: 44) and some comments from the sausage seller in the Aristophanes drama Knight.
The bread in both articles is apomagdalia, and simply, the bread refers to the crumbs in the crust of the bread, not the special "bread napkin ".The napkin rack is a device used to hold napkins.The napkin rack can make almost any solid material, and is constructed by holding the napkin between the two surfaces so that there is no napkin slipping from his control, or simply lock their sides in a horizontal layout.
The range and style of the price of napkins for wooden style wrought iron designs or ceramics and many other products.The iteration of the napkin holder, the well-known napkin dispenser, provides additional features for their design :.The napkin is folded into a closed metal case that allows the user to retrieve a napkin every time they enter the container, a device usually bijzonder from restaurants, diners and other soup kitchens, although it is simpler, it is usually more beautiful, but the brackets are common for classrooms and families.
Napkin ring, originally used for napkins between two days a week for families.The standard napkin ring is a simple ring made of Spears.The digital napkin ring is an American specialty, and the simple napkin ring is part of a small graphic or sculpture that can be of any shape and can show any motive.
The Serviette ring appears in a single item with the owner's name or initials, especially when baptizing a gift or pair, usually as a gift for weddings and silver marriages.In the English-In English-speaking countries, numbers of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 serviette rings were found.Napkins were invented by the European bourgeoisie.
the earliest ones in France were around 1800, and soon all the countries in the Western world spread.Most napkins in the 19 th century were made of silver plates or silver plates, but others were made of materials such as bones, wood, pearl embroidery, porcelain, glass, etc.In the 20 th century, new materials such as rubber and wood were used.
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