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what is a food dehydrator Ways to Combat Food Waste at Home

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-16
Think twice before throwing away last night's leftovers.They can serve other purposes.Don't I think so?Read this gay Post and learn how.
According to US media reportsS.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans throw away 40% of their food.To dispose of the waste, the United StatesS.Spend more than $1 billion a year!
Luckily for those who don't know what it's like to go without food.These lucky people have enough reserves to minimize food waste, a global problem that has been around for years.Most of the wasted food is eventually buried, and during the landfill it is processed into methane gas, affecting the climate in an adverse way.Not to mention the number of people sleeping on an empty stomach due to this waste.
Waste a lot of food at different levels;Edible crops are rejected for lack of visual appeal, many agricultural products are lost in transit, consumers buy bulk food and consume less than cooked.All these factors cause food waste.There are many ways to avoid wasting food.Some of them are mentioned in this gay article.Read, learn, do your little bit.
Make a weekly plan to list the meals you will cook each day of the week.In this way, you know what to buy and how much to buy.
Make a shopping list based on your plan for the week, then go to the food and grocery stores for shopping.Stick to what you need to buy, don't be impulsive, don't likethe-shelf shopping.
Stay away from promotions and sales.You end up buying things that you don't really need, causing unnecessary waste.
If you want to try a new recipe, and this recipe only needs four pieces of pineapple, buy fresh and loose products instead of buying a whole can of processed pineapple.Make bulk purchases when it comes to grains, nuts and spices.
Choose to cook items that will die faster after storage time.
It is OK to store food for later use, but when you are sure how much food is enough, try not to cook or prepare delicate meals.
When eating at a restaurant, feel free to ask the waiter to pack the leftovers you can take home.Hot again the next day, eat.This avoids waste to a large extent.
No matter how perfectly you follow your weekly meal plan, an emergency is sure to happen.You may be invited to dinner or you may decide to go out for dinner.But before it gets destroyed, make sure you take advantage of anything you buy and you don't have to throw it away.
A clean and tidy kitchen not only for hygiene reasons, but also allows you to check the store.Check your cabinets and pantry regularly so you can know the ingredients available or the ingredients you need to replenish.
Whether in a restaurant or at home, fill your plate at the table with a smaller portion.You can always ask for a second help if needed.This is good for limiting waste and waist.
Educate yourself how to store your food in a way that keeps it fresh for the longest time.For example, some fruits need to be stored in the refrigerator, while some vegetables should not be cleaned before they are stored in the refrigerator.
These labels include information about the date of manufacture, preferably-by date, use-by date, sell-Deadline and its due date.The sell-By date is the last date you would ideally purchase the product, but can also be used until a week later.The best-By date is the day when the food reaches the highest quality and it is better not to use it after that.
Warm storage destroys food more quickly, so it is not recommended to use unless a particular food needs it.To ensure freshness and longevity, store food in a refrigerator at temperatures of 1 to 5 °c
Frozen foods can stabilize the oil in it, thus preventing them from spoiling.Keep the temperature in the freezer room-18 °C.
Another hot pizza last night, the next day at lunch.The rest of the vegetables can be used to throwThe salad can be served with juice or smoothies, and the remaining pasta can be served with tortillas.
In addition to the meat, fish, dairy products and peels of certain citrus fruits (such as oranges, lime and lemon), you can compost the food residue and use it in the garden.Uncooked vegetables that have been soaked, stained fruits, salads, etc.Can be used to make compost.
This is done not only because you want to avoid throwing away the rest of the food, but also because someone outside is hungry and there is not enough privilege to eat the food.
Keep these important tips in mind and minimize the waste of food.Because it starts at home, do your part to educate others.In the end, when it comes to minimizing food waste, it will increase the improvement of the situation that affects the world.
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