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what is a food dehydrator Toxic Foods We Love to Eat

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-16
Especially when someone tells you something that is bad for you, don't throw a warning at the wind.The opportunity to seize the toxic food we love to eat may actually be life --threatening.Note that prevention is better than treatment.
See what you eat!You never know that you may fall on the ground like Snow White and be poisoned by food that is essential to you.Unlike the case where Snow White is poisoned to death by someone else, the food you like to try can get you into serious health problems, or the worst --Case scenario, to your own dying.We don't want to scare you, but hundreds of people are unknowingly killed by statistics;Their fault: eating food that really brings danger.To keep you and your loved ones safe, we have a list of foods you can stay away from.
Finding the food you simply cannot leave in this list can be confusing, but it is always welcome to know the facts;Because this is the best when we take precautions.
If you are going to eat "Fugu Sushi", you have to reconsider your decision to go for sushi.Although the fish is considered a delicacy in Japan, it is listed itself as the second largest toxic spine.The eyes, skin and internal organs are particularly toxic and can lead to numbness, paralysis and final death.
All shellfish, such as mussels, oysters, clams, etc.It is a filter-eating animal and accumulates high levels of toxins produced by tiny algae.The reason this toxin is worrying is that it is soluble in water and is not affected by steam or cooking.Eating shellfish can lead to numbness in the face and eventually paralysis or even death.
Castor Sesame oil is good for insect repellent children;Also, I don't think anyone knows the benefits of castor sesame oil.What most people don't know is that castor beans are deadly.Even eating only one seed can lead to instant death.In addition, it may also be the cause of severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, liver and kidney failure.
Sweet potato plants contain highly toxic toxins-cyanide.Usually, the leaves are mashed with flour and placed in the shade for a few hours to break down the cyanide;It can be fatal if the mixture is not prepared properly.Eating cassava can lead to paralysis and eventually death.Does anyone want to eat tapioca chips?
Come on, you already know, "all the bright and beautiful things are not good for health ".The more beautiful the mushroom looks, the more deadly and unsafe it will be to eat.Eating wild mushrooms can cause stomach problems and even cause serious lung damage.As a precaution, I suggest you go to the local mushrooms and stay as far away from the wild mushrooms as possible.
Think about how many things you can do with cashew nuts;Dessert, etc.Cashew apple is a great source of vitamin C, and some countries even refine the juice to make a rich flavor of alcohol.
Eating raw cashew apple can cause allergies and rashes.However, the seeds need to be heated --Pre-treatment of consumption.However, roasted cashew seeds outside because of drops of toxins contained in the released smoke, which can be harmful to health.
Like cashew nuts, almonds need to be heatedPre-treatment of consumption.Squeezing, chewing, or causing any damage to the seeds releases toxins.Although it is said that almonds are relatively beneficial to health, do not eat bitter almonds because bitter almonds contain higher cyanide.
Put aside your worries and eat the stem will not hurt you;However, the leaves are poisonous.Cooking leaves with soda is a clear way to increase the proportion of its terrible grass salt.Eating rhubarb leaves can cause kidney disease and convulsions. the most serious situation isIn this case, the individual can also be put into a coma.
Yes, it is this kind of toxin that has brought hot stimulation to the pepper.In addition, eating chili will cause radioactive burns.In any case, it's not good to eat a lot of peppers, I don't need to elaborate!As we all know, Pepper will burn and stimulate, and it may be highly toxic if eaten in large quantities.
It is reported that this compound is high in red kidney beans.Cooking or cooking beans at high temperatures breaks down compounds and destroys toxicity.However, eating uncooked beans or partially cooked beans can cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.People with gout are asked not to indulge in eating any beans because it can aggravate their condition.
Don't be deceived by its appearance. it looks like a pear when it matures.If you are going to eat Aki fruit, time is the key word here.Eating this fruit raw, or when it matures, can be a toxic thing.Be sure to discard the seeds because they contain toxins-soy protein B.
No cherries on it!Fruit is not a problem here. The problem is the idea of cherries.Cherry stones are known to produce hydrogen sulfide, which can lead to dizziness, vomiting, breathing difficulties, and even kidney failure.As a safety measure, avoid rolling pip in your mouth for a long time.
Let's make a little revision to the old quote "one apple a day, doctor away from you, as long as you manage to stay away from the point.Apple balls, like cherries, are also dangerous, and they can be the cause of confusion, anxiety, headaches, dizziness and depression.
As long as you avoid using stems and leaves, you can eat fruit.Raw fruit contains tomatine alkaloid, which is broken down during cooking.Avoid using tea to prepare tea, though, because it can lead to death.
I bet you can't do it without these fries and mashed potatoes.No one told you to stop, but it would be nice to think about it.Toxins are present in roots, stems, leaves, buds, and fruits.In particular, green potatoes have high levels of toxins, which can be fatal if eaten.Eating green potatoes or leaves can lead to headaches, diarrhea, cramps and, in some very rare cases, coma and death.
I don't know about you, but I'm sad to see my comfort food on this list.Chocolate is addictive and you can't resist temptation at all, but if too much chocolate is toxic, grab your horse.I think you're fine.Do you know the effect of chocolate on your brain?
With the increase of pollution around the world, the consumption of almost anything can be toxic to our body;However, we can't stop eating and nourishing our bodies, can we?Safety is always good, and eating after washing and preparing in the right way may not hurt much.Be careful though, you never know what will hurt you!
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