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what is a food dehydrator The Concept of Local Food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-17
With the advent of globalization and mass production technology, the import of basic necessities has increased rapidly.However, many people are beginning to realize the importance of local food.If you haven't caught up with the trend yet, my article will definitely give you some inspiration.
Technically, local food refers to food produced locally or locally.Buying food from mass producers is one thing, but in recent years we have seen a major awareness and local food campaign to place more emphasis on locally made food.The campaign values the economic and environmental benefits associated with local food and the overall health benefits for consumers.
Believe it or not, the transportation of local food is on average 1500 miles smaller than that of large-scale producers.Farmers and local producers are now encouraged to sell their products directly to large supermarket chains, or they can also be retail in many smaller stores.At other times, it can be seen that farm sales of fresh vegetables, grains, fruits, eggs and other agricultural products sold by farmers in shops adjacent to their own farms or poultry have risen sharply.One of the most popular varieties of local foods includes organic foods, organic dairy products, organic poultry, organic meat and fish.
The purchase and sale of local food is beneficial not only to producers and buyers, but also to the country as a whole.With the rise of the local food movement, demand for organic food has risen sharply.Total sales doubled in four years, from $3 billion to about $6 billion at the end of 2006.This provides ready-made market guarantees for local producers.Local food manufacturers report that selling their products to local supermarkets is more feasible than selling them to local farmers' markets.Similarly, local food purchases happen to be cheaper due to sharp cuts in transportation and warehousing spending.As far as the national economy is concerned, the local food market has been driven as it helps to reduce the loss of cash reserves caused by import payments.By 2007, local food producers had about 0 sales to customers.Total sales of 4%.Local food is becoming more and more popular, and job opportunities in this area have also increased dramatically.
Production of local food, taking into account environmental sustainability issues.Here, agricultural activities can be carried out without using any fertilizers, hybrid seeds or chemical pesticides.Natural farming methods without any fertile soil contamination are the main advantages of local food as it helps to control land contamination.This also has long-term benefits for the health of consumers.Similarly, the transportation distance between the farm and the consumer's kitchen has dropped sharply.This helps to reduce carbon emissions from polluted air during transportation.Some biodiversity issues give the local food a "thumbs up ".This is because foods such as fruits and vegetables produced under the banner of commercial agriculture use mixed plant varieties to speed up and expand food production.The yield of these hybrid plant varieties is large, but the nutritional value is poor.
The quality and health benefits of local food are so high that many of us have been wondering why we stopped spending them in the first place.It's like looking for health and nutrition all over the world and then discovering that everything you want is right in your backyard.As the farm is very close to the market, the local food is definitely fresher.Also, consumers guarantee their taste is better.There is no trace of artificial fertilizer in these foods, so it is safer for human beings.
Production of poultry products considering animal welfare.Maintain organic poultry farms without the use of hazardous chemicals.
The local food movement is also known as food patriotism.While all those who emphasize local food consumption are referred to as local residents.Here\'s more...
They say it's better to be late than not.Moving to a healthier lifestyle and choosing a local food campaign in your personal life is always a popular idea, like crossing a new milestone.At the end of this article, I cannot fail to mention the words of the late President John F. Kennedy."The most basic thing we have in common is that we all live on this small planet," he said.We all breathe the same air.We also need food from this planet.Maybe we should find a solution to this problem.
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