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what is a food dehydrator Local Food and its Disadvantages

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-16
Local food can be considered healthier and more economical.Friendly than imports.But they also have their own shortcomings.The article talks about the disadvantages of buying local food.
When we talk about local food, we mean products grown locally or in the area where we live.The idea of sticking to local food and avoiding imported food is not a new idea, but something that was introduced and promoted decades ago.However, there are still many people who insist on it in today's time.There is a good reason for this idea;The main reason is that the purchase of local food supports the country's economic growth, improves social health in specific places, and is more eco-friendly.friendly.However, the popularity of local food has also brought some shortcomings, which may still be unknown to many people.
One of the biggest downsides of buying locally grown food is burning holes in your pocket.Needless to say, local food is expensive.This can be understood from the living standards of local farmers.Most of them do not have businesses like retail food supply stores.In addition, most local farmers are family-oriented, so selling their goods at a lower price is definitely not a profitable transaction for them.That's why local food is more expensive than the food you buy from the grocery store.
Another important factor that may prevent most people from being more inclined to support local food is the convenience factor.It is clear that it is more convenient to go to the grocery store at a local retail store to shop than to sweat at a farmer's market.On top of that, you may not check all the food on the market shopping list.So, you may have to buy something from the market and something from the grocery store.No one says how to go to the farmer's farm to buy what you want if he doesn't show up in the market.
Insisting on the purchase of local food may help to make the region socially and economically healthy, but it may actually be detrimental on a global scale.For example, if we consider poor countries, they mainly export fruits and vegetables.So if all of the people in Western countries avoid buying imported fruits such as bananas, mangoes or other vegetables, then this may affect those countries.Thus, one of the possible consequences could be that these countries abandon the production of fruits and vegetables and instead grow products such as coffee or beef.This, in turn, will lead to soaring prices for healthy fruits and vegetables, and lower prices for unhealthy foods.
It is undeniable that in the local area, all varieties of food cannot be grown and supplied to consumers.The strawberries you get in the winter, or the pumpkins you like at Easter, are not grown locally but imported.This is because such food cannot grow in such a season.So the bottom line is that just sticking to local goods means compromising on a wide variety of foods, otherwise you might like them if you support imported food.This, in turn, will force you to buy more from the local market, much higher than the price of imported goods.
Another issue that may arise with local food is the subject of regulation or certification.So most farmers with small farms are not regulated and you may never know if something they call organic fruit or vegetables is really organic.
Buying local food and its drawbacks can make more sense for people living in a cold climate like Iceland.In these areas, people may not have a healthy lifestyle if they happen to support local farming.
The above-mentioned views on local food and its shortcomings will not prevent you from buying locally grown and supplied food in any event.Given that it helps to improve economic stability in the region, the idea of local food cannot be ignored.But at the same time, the fact that imported food ensures that you can eat a natural diet anywhere, at any time of the year cannot be denigrated.Therefore, the best way is to buy in the local grugru season, and then buy imported grugru in the case of a shortage of local food supply, to maintain balance.Adios!
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