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what is a food dehydrator List of Electrolyte Sources

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-17
Electrolyte is very important for our body.If the electrolyte is out of balance, you may suffer from various diseases.The NutriNeat article below will tell you the source of the electrolyte.
The electrolyte is separated into ions when dissolved, and they make the dissolved conductive fluid.Therefore, they contribute to the conduction of electrical signals;These electrical signals are necessary for the activity of our brain and nervous system.When our body loses electrolytic mass, it is necessary to supplement our body with a proper amount of electrolyte.Electrolyte imbalance leads to various diseases, which can also be life-Failure to take appropriate measures poses a threat.The problem of electrolyte imbalance is generally solved by diet.Salt tablets are also used in the absence of electrolyte, but it is well known that salt tablets cause various side effects.Therefore, the safest way to treat electrolyte imbalance is through your diet.
It is important to maintain the optimal balance of electrolyte.Excess and lack of electrolyte can disrupt the normal functioning of our body.Sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphate, magnesium, chlorine and bicarbonate are the main electrolyte in our body.
Sodium is present outside the cells of the body.It is necessary to maintain normal blood pressure and nerve and muscle activity.Here are the sources of sodium.
Bones are a reserve of calcium.Calcium is an important electrolyte that helps muscle contraction.Calcium is used to make bones and teeth.
This is the main problem.It is responsible for maintaining the best balance of sodium.It works mainly with muscles and plays an important role in the function of the heart.Blood pressure can also be lowered.
Phosphate and calcium are present in the bones together.They are ions that charge the cell membrane.Phosphate is present in ATP, DNA and RNA.
Magnesium supports normal blood circulation.It provides relaxation of nerves and muscles.It also helps to form bones with calcium and phosphorus.

Other electrolyteChlorine forms salt together with sodium.Therefore, they exist in most foods in the form of salt.Spring water is a good source of bicarbonate.The food also contains compounds such as sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate.Bicarbonate is useful for maintaining the optimal pH of the stomach.
In addition to the above sources, various sports drinks contain the necessary electrolyte.All important biochemical reactions in the body require electrolyte.We lose a lot of electrolyte by sweating, and therefore, proper alternatives to these electrolyte should be provided through our diet.
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