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what is a food dehydrator Healthy Eating Tips for Children

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-17
Children should be encouraged to eat healthily in order to avoid obesity and other health problems.Here are some tips for getting your child to eat healthy and make the right choices.
In the years of growing up, children have a lot of appetite and need a lot of energy because they are involved in a lot of sports.Almost all essential nutrients are obtained from dietary sources.

They provide the energy our body needs for any physical activity.Staple foods such as grains and grains, potato, corn, beans, bread, pasta and other starch vegetables.Contains a large amount of carbohydrates.Because our bodies often need energy, they should be included in the daily food.
: Protein builds and repairs body tissue and regulates body processes.They are also called components of the body.Because they are the most basic nutrients, people have to eat protein regularly.Rich foods such as milk, cheese, tofu, poultry, meat, beans, lentils, peanut butter, nuts and seeds.
: Each vitamin has a specific function.A lack of any vitamin can lead to serious illness.Therefore, vitaminsRich food must be eaten frequently.Spinach, carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, apricots, peaches, etc.Contains vitamin.B vitamins were found in cereals, breads, cereals, poultry, meat and eggs.Citrus, dark green vegetables, mango, etc.Contains vitamin C.Vitamin D can be provided with milk, eggs, fish, margarine and sunlight.Vegetable oil, butter, egg yolk, milk contains vitamin E, while green, leafy vegetables and milk contain vitamin E.
: Calcium is an important mineral that our body needs for normal growth and development.In addition, the demand for other minerals such as potassium, iron, magnesium and sodium is also small.Most of the minerals are found in milk, vegetables and poultry.
Most nutritionists have come up with the concept of a food pyramid.(Take a look at the photos next to it) it gives us an insight into the consumption of all kinds of food in a healthy life.The pyramid level is divided into four parts.Grains and grains are placed at the bottom of the pyramid (the largest part ).They must therefore be consumed in large quantities.The second part consists of vegetables and fruits, which must be eaten in the same amount.The third part contains dairy products and proteins, as well as a considerable number of dairy products and proteins.The top (smallest) part consists of foods containing oil, fat and sugar.They must consume at least.
Parents must arrange family dinners on a regular basis at a specific time.
Instead of having a quick minisnacks.As can be seen from the nutrition guidelines above, vegetables, fruits, cereals and milk contain almost all the necessary nutrients, so they must be included in the meal on a regular basis.

Children's Choice.They should also encourage children to try new food.Do not provide candy, popcorn and chips when dining.In addition, inflatable or sweet drinks must be completely avoided during the meal.
It is a common complaint that children do not choose vegetables and fruits.Parents must make the vegetables look both attractive and attractive.
Sandwiches, even vegetable soup, pies, etc.
Not juice.Meat dishes should be prepared the next day.Parents can also choose lowFat food alternatives.

Before their children choose healthy food on their own.Children usually imitate their parents.Children will be happy to follow if parents try different foods.Parents can involve their children in the planning and preparation of meals.They can be encouraged to provide ideas about the daily menu.They can participate in the purchase of food or their lunch boxes.This will make them concerned and connected.

Their children eat.Forcing anything will make the kids totally dislike the food.Instead, help them realize the nutritional value of food.Parents should let their children decide when they are full and don't force them to eat.
In addition, parents cannot completely deny their children the right to eat sweets and junk food.This will only make them want more.As long as the number is gradually reduced and it becomesin-a-while\' dish.Healthy food such as salad, soup, vegetables.Choose when eating out.
for children.
Finally, as a quick tip, make the meal time tense --Freedom and conflictfree zone.Kids will definitely look forward to healthy food, which will ease your concerns.
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