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what is a food dehydrator Foods You Should Avoid Before Going to Bed

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-16
After all, it may not be a good idea to eat your favorite snacks before going to bed.Research shows that certain foods, if eaten before going to bed, actually have a big impact on sleep patterns and keep you awake most of the time.
Two of the most common causes of insomnia are excessive caffeine intake and food allergies.
We 've all had nights like this where peanut butter sandwiches, cakes or meatloaf seem to be the perfect solution for a good night's sleep.Of course, these foods seem to be ideal for meeting the hunger feeling of late night, but they are not.In fact, there is some food to avoid if you want to have a perfect night's sleep.
More than 40 million of American adults sleep less than 6 hours a night, according to the data, exposing them to multiple health conditions such as heart disease and insomnia.Doctors believe that diet is one of the most important factors in many factors that help to get a good sleep.Check the food you should not touch before going to bed.
Contrary to what you see or hear, alcohol is a strict tabooNot before bed.Having a drink or two is sure to make you drowsy, causing many people to think alcohol is a kind of sleep --inducing agent.It does delay you by 2 to 3 hours, but research suggests that alcohol is more likely to keep you awake late at night and upset you in the morning.Alcohol is known to encourage deep sleep in the first phaseHalf a night, then increase sleep disruption on the second nighthalf.It can also play a role in muscle relaxation and increase the chance of snoring at night.
Ice cream may be the most comforting food, but it certainly does not offer any comfort if eaten before going to bed.First of all, it is rich in fat, so the body does not have much time to burn any fat before going to bed.Secondly, the sugar mixed in it will increase your energy level, which is not what you need when it exceeds your bedtime.
Pasta is easy to make, and for those who want to take a quick bite before going to bed, it may be the best option, but it's definitely not the healthiest option you'll ever make.Ingredients needed to make pasta, such as sauce, oil, cheese and heavy cream, are high in heat and easily settle at the waist.Pasta also contains carbohydrates that can be converted into fat if you sleep right after you finish eating.
It's a tough decision, but black chocolate needs to be crossed off the list if you really want to sleep peacefully.In addition to the large amount of sugar and antioxidants that provide instant energy, chocolate also contains a large amount of caffeine and cocoa, a stimulant known to increase heart rate and insomnia.
At the end of the day, the body and all organs need a peaceful night.However, eating pizza before going to bed can cause your digestive system to be busy for a long time.In addition to fattening cheese and meat ingredients, the high-acidity tomato sauce is a good trigger for acid reflux and heart burning.
In fact, meat is very beneficial for strengthening muscle tissue, but eating a large piece of red juicy meat before going to bed will definitely keep your body awake all night.Red meat is rich in protein and fat, and eating before going to bed will force the body to undergo extensive digestion, thus disrupting sleep.The body needs a lot of energy to break down the protein and will definitely not get any energy while sleeping.
Coffee is definitely not your choice if you really want to sleep.Its main ingredient is caffeine, which, as we all know, is a very popular stimulant that can overdo.Stimulate the nervous system and keep you awake late at night.
Fried foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs and chips have high fat content and long digestion time.Eating these foods before going to bed can cause sleep problems due to abdominal cramps and acid reflux.
There must be no celery on this list.This is a nutritious herb that is great for people who want to lose weight.In addition to being good for health, celery is, however, a natural heart-strengthening agent.This means that you will go to the bathroom more often than usual, as the diuretics medicine increases the rate of urination.
The last one on the list is Chinese food.Why avoid it before going to bed?Well, in addition to all the spices and heavy oil, Chinese food also contains MSG (MSG), a stimulant with properties like caffeine, which makes it difficult for a person to fall asleep.
This does not mean that the above food should be completely avoided.Limited consumption is all right and make sure dinner is done at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.The body will feel lighter and less bloated, and it will be good to rest at night.
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