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what is a food dehydrator Foods that Make you Happy

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-16
Interestingly, you can eat some food to make yourself happy.Let's take a look at the list of this type of food.
If you have a balanced diet, you will have a good body and good mood.But sometimes we need something more, some extra comfort.To a large extent, stress, bickering and negativity in life can actually upset you.
Well, there are special foods that will cheer you up when you are depressed.Nutritionists have long suggested a direct relationship between food and emotion.Medical research has also shown that food in our diet affects behavior, mood, and overall health.being.
Chocolate contains a chemical that pleases us-anadamin.
Scientists believe that other ingredients in chocolate help anadamin stay longer in the brain.The amount of sugar increases glucose and brain endorph in our bodies (another hormone that makes us happy ).Not too much, though.
Salmon is the ocean of Omega.Essential fatty acids are considered one of the best anti-depression drugs in the world.No one is sure how it works.
But according to a recent study, people who eat omega3 fatty acids are always in a better mood than others every day.Other salmon-like fish include mackerel fish, eel and tuna.It is well known that all of these can fight the symptoms of depression, persistent pessimism, and erectile dysfunction.
Carbohydrates are the favorite of many people.Intake of carbohydrates increases the level of serum in our bodies and thus plays a calming role.Choose healthier carbs such as rice, noodles, wheat bread and vegetables.
Heat one of these high-energy potatoes and it will improve your attention to a large extent.With salsa and low baked potatoes.sodium salt.It was a great snack before doing a lot of exercise.It gives you constant energy.
Beans are rich in soluble fiber, folic acid and omega-3 fat, these three ingredients can make you feel the most happy.
Beans are also an excellent source of iron and calcium, which increases the number of blood cells in the body.Soy products contain the same genes that help prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer.
Yes, fresh peas are also one of the healthy foods that make you happy.Peas contain a large amount of folic acid, a nutrient that helps the body to produce chloramine.
You can buy fresh frozen peas for your food, but avoid canned peas because they have very little nutrients left.Peas are easily included in salads and other delicacies.
This is the favorite food of Popeye.So if you want to be as strong as a Popeye, eat spinach.
It is rich in folic acid, which can help the body to produce the serum that makes your body feel good.Most kids don't like it, but spinach is very necessary to be part of their diet.Eating a cup of cooked spinach can make you feel strong and full of positive energy.
Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.Well-known pressure vandals
Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals (toxins) that are constantly moving in the body ).These free radicals make us age faster and damage our internal organs.Blueberries are rich in fiber that helps digestion.Some scientists also believe that blueberries and strawberries can also prevent cancer.
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