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what is a food dehydrator Foods that are Naturally Radioactive

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-17
Certain isotopes of potassium and radium are highly radioactive, and their presence in certain foods also makes these substances radioactive.Let's learn about natural radioactive food through this NutriNeat article.
Radioactive substances have always been considered harmful and we all try to avoid anything that falls within the category of radioactive substances.However, you will be surprised to know that many of the substances we use almost every day are radioactive.Let's take food as an example.Almost all edible items have traces of radioactive substances, and several are able to trigger false radiation alarms in bulk due to high levels of radioactivity.
This does not mean that these foods are unhealthy or harmful.Even if the radioactive content in these foods is very high, it is considered insignificant compared to the harmful amount.The food is considered completely safe.Let's find out what belongs to this category.Bananas are one of the most common names in natural radioactive food.It has many benefits for health.It is rich in potassium that regulates blood pressure.Bananas are used to compare the levels of radioactive exposure in the bed (equivalent dose of bananas.Potatoes contain a large amount of radioactive material.Because they are rich in vitamin C, folic acid, vitamins and so on, they are also good for health.Carrots are also good.Known for its potassium content.They have the same potassium content as potatoes.Beer is brewed according to different standards, but each brewed beer naturally has high radiation.Beer is free of RA and contains only high amounts of potassium.Red meat also contains a small amount of radioactive elements.More potassium than Ra.The amount is very small and is not considered harmful at all.The raw lima bean is known for its high radiation.They have many medicinal values and are therefore used to prevent many diseases.They're also included in the iron-In the case of anemia, it is recommended to have a rich diet to treat iron deficiency.Since drinking water contains radioactive elements, it is also listed.Water takes these substances from the soil, the roots of the plants, and even directly from the rain.
In addition to the food given in this NutriNeat article, there are also foods such as milk and seafood.Milk gets these substances from cows grazing in higher radiation.The same is true of fish found in the water around radioactive sites.
There is radiation around us, but the level of our exposure is not harmful at all.Therefore, don't stop eating or drinking just because the food contains radioactive elements, because they have many benefits for health.
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