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what is a food dehydrator Food Ingredients Banned in Other Countries But Legal in America

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-17
We all like our Kool.Aid and chips, but there are chemicals in these delicious foods, which are banned for consumption and use in many countries of the world, while it is legal in the United States.This NutriNeat article lists some food ingredients that are allowed in the United States but are prohibited elsewhere.
This artificial food-free pigment sold in the UK is prohibited in the UK.
Whenever we open a pack of beer, Skittles or order a fries, have we ever thought that the ingredients in it would cause serious damage to our bodies?Some of the ingredients in our favorite foods are carcinogenic and can cause problems with nerves and digestion, as well as allergic reactions.By eating such food, we make ourselves the goal of health problems.
Some European countries have banned many ingredients that cause health problems to keep their population in the best health.Food authorities in these countries have ensured that foods sold on the market do not have toxic chemicals that can affect health.Their citizens.Unfortunately, certain chemicals are still allowed to be used as food additives in the United States.Many consumers in the United States have unknowingly consumed these ingredients and have not properly warned about possible health problems.
Cereal, cheese, candy, packaged Mac & cheese, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc.

We all like to eat sugar, especially those with color.But we rarely know that the colors used in these colorful foods are harmful to our health.These foods contain artificial edible pigments extracted from oil, coal and tar.Not all food colors are allowed in the United States, but those approved food colors are blue.1 -Blue FCF (EPUB), Blue No.2 -Indigo (e132.), no environmental protection.3 -Fast Green FCF (E143), Red No.40 -Red AC (E129), Red No.3 -Red (E127), yellow.5 -Lemon yellow (E102) and yellow6 -Sunset Yellow FCF (E110 ).There is a dispute about their side effects, but the excessive consumption of these pigments is related to the deterioration of nerve cells, brain cancer, pancreatic injury, etc.
Package, microwave dinner, bread, ready-to-Eat pasta, etc.

This section is for those who live alone and survive in a packed, ready environmentto-eat meals.Interestingly, this additive is not a food additive.It is added to the plastic packaging of food packaging.So, if this chemical is not added to the food, why is it banned?Well, it is forbidden in many countries because it is used to produce glass cans and plastic containers.Now, when these are heated during cooking or sterilization, azo amide is broken down into amino urea (SEM), which may be at risk if eaten.In animal studies, SEM showed weak carcinogenic activity at high doses.

We all love our inflatable drinks and energy drinks, don't we?They quench their thirst and are an amazing accompaniment to our wine.Unfortunately, these drinks contain Bromo vegetable oil, which is a Bromo vegetable oil mixed with vegetable oil.The condiment that must be added, especially the condiment of citrus, is oil-based.Therefore, they are mixed with Bromo vegetable oil in order to mix properly in the drink and do not float on the top.If this substance is overconsumed (2 to 4 liters per day), such as headache, loss of muscle coordination, fatigue, kidney problems, etc., there will be some harmful effects.
Butter, Meat, chewing gum, cereal, nut mixture, etc.

By preventing the oxidation of oil in the product, Ding benzene-based isole aromatic ether (BHA) and Ding benzene-based toluene (BHT) were added to the food to improve its shelf life.There is controversy around the two compounds, as studies have shown that BHA has carcinogenic properties, while BHT has anti-cancer properties.Since the whole argument about whether these two preservatives are good for consumption does not have enough data, all we can do is try to eat foods that contain natural preservatives to keep the safer side.

Who doesn't like delicious dishes made of fresh pink salmon?We all do!But do we know where the salmon pink came from?Wild salmon meat is naturally pink because of its yellow-rich diet, which is found in shrimp and shellfish.This type of carrot is completely natural and beneficial to health.But unfortunately, there is no privilege in farming salmon to eat such a rich diet, and therefore, its color is gray.Farmed salmon are fed particles containing angular yellow (an artificial carotene) to give them pink flesh.Excessive consumption of farmed salmon can result in the collection of retinal pigments, thus damaging vision.

Hawaii's papaya has been genetically modified to withstand the ringspot virus that is considered a crop killer.While the papaya is fortified to resist the virus and survive in drought and floods, it is found to be harmful.Many experiments carried out in animals showed that laboratory samples suffered from bleeding ulcers, kidney and liver diseases, intestinal damage, and other health conditions after eating this fruit.

If you are on a diet and are eager to eat some French fries, choose normal instead of fatfree ones.Why?Because of fatThe free variety has traces of olestra,.k.There's a song in them.What is this chemical?It hinders the absorption of fat.Soluble vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin B12.Excessive consumption of fatFree fries can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps and other digestive problems.

Potassium bromide is a chemical compound that is added in a small amount in flour when preparing dough.Increase the dough and make the dough rise quickly, thus shortening the production time.This is related to kidney and nervous system problems.Potassium Bromide has carcinogenic effects on rats and may also have carcinogenic effects on humans, but due to the lack of data, the US Environmental Protection Agency classified this compound as a potential human carcinogenic substance.

The next time you buy lean meat, think twice, because if it is bred in the United States, it may contain ractopamine, this is a drug that feeds animals to increase the size of muscle fibers.If humans take the drug, they are likely to develop ADHD, muscle degeneration, and behavioral changes.It is recommended that those with cardiovascular problems do not use this chemical because it may have adverse effects on them.

Wondering why the farmSo juicy chicken and pork?This is because a chemical called roxarsone is added to their feed to make them gain weight and kill the ball spore parasite found in the intestines of these animals.Why is consumption dangerous?This chemical is an arsenic drug.e.This compound contains arsenic that is toxic to humans.Taking roshazon for a long time can lead to stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness in the hands and feet, partial paralysis, blindness and bladder, lung, kidney, skin cancer, liver and prostate.

There is a big confusion about synthetic growth hormone that increases milk production for cows.What is confusing is rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) and rBST (recombinant bovine growth hormone), which are actually one thing.Consuming this growth hormone in cows can lead to birth defects in newborn calves and lead to a bacterial infection called inflammation in the breasts of cows.Milk produced by cows treated with rBGH is said to contain higher levels of Internet growth factors-1 and BST.Some studies have shown that insulin-like growth factor-May 1 was linked to increased cancer risk.
All the arguments and arguments about what food is delicious and what is not, you can hardly eat what you like.Everyone wants to stay healthy, so it is best to reduce all unhealthy food substances.If you talk to any doctor, they will say that whatever your body allows you to eat, eat it and stay healthy by exercising.
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