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what is a food dehydrator Best and Worst Foods to Eat When You Feel Sick

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-16
Changes in weather, disruption of work and rest time, unhealthy habits, stress, or just physical wear often lead to illness.During these difficult times, you need to rest, take medicine and take the right eating habits.Food can improve your immunity and help you recover faster.
In the 1800 s, ketchup was used as a drug for the treatment of diarrhea, jaundice, and indigestion, and was also sold as ketchup.But it turns out that ketchup is fraudulent, and they are not treating any disease, but laxatives.
When you feel bad weather, food is often the last thing in your mind.However, eating the right food can actually help you recover faster by enhancing your immunity.
Food provides the body with important nutrients that help your immunity recovery activities and is the right food you need when you are sick.Research shows that you need to eat certain foods in order to recover quickly.In the same way, you need to avoid certain kinds of food because they hinder the recovery process.
The possible causes of diarrhea are stomach flu, bacterial infection, heat or foods that are not acceptable to the digestive system.Whatever the reason, it is necessary to avoid the loss of salt, dehydration and important minerals in the body.
Constipation may occur due to insufficient water and fiber intake, dietary or routine disruption, lack of exercise, excessive intake of dairy and dairy products, stress, etc.
Nasal congestion or nasal congestion is one of the symptoms of a cold.The steaming shower moistens the mucosa and speeds up the movement of eyelashes, which further helps to rinse the mucus outside the sinus.
* To make gold milk, add a teaspoon of dried ginger powder, dried ginger, a little black pepper and some honey to 2 cups of coconut milk in a pan.Put this mixture in the sim and let it sit for a few minutes before heating.
Travel or motion sickness can cause nausea or nausea.This is also a side effect of chemotherapy and may also be a symptom of flu or even pregnancy.While food is the last thing in your mind when you're sick, it can actually reduce uneasiness by calming stomach acid.
Muscle pain may be symptoms such as fever, fatigue, overwork, etc.However, foods containing magnesium or calcium can help repair the muscles of the pain and provide some relief.
Ear pain may occur due to fluid build-up, infection, throat infection, blockage or injury.It may also be a symptom of a cold.Certain foods can help clean up the blockage and relieve pain in the ears.
Contrary to what is widely believed, coffee or caffeine does not help with headaches.In fact, it often increases pain when it dehydrate your body.In fact, headaches are usually caused by dehydration, magnesium and vitamin b2 deficiency.
Itchy rashes are usually symptoms of allergic reactions.Consult a doctor and determine the root cause.In order to alleviate the symptoms and prevent further deterioration of the condition, here are the foods that need attention and avoidance.
Sore throat can be caused due to virus infection, cold and flu.Possible symptoms include pain, itching, and throat irritation.This may also be caused by swollen glands, white spots on the tonsils and hoarseness.Here are some foods that will definitely ease.
Fried, greasy, spicy food, soda, energy drinks and alcohol need to be avoided regardless of your illness, as they can aggravate the disease.If the symptoms do not subside, it is best to consult a medical professional.Avoid excessive testingthe-Counter drugs and alternative drugs from untrained doctors.Remember, prevention is better than treatment.
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