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what is a food dehydrator 10 Foods That Kill Intelligence

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-16
Have you had any stupid breakfast?No, I didn't lose my mind by asking questions like this, but there are foods that do kill intelligence.Allow details of this NutriNeat post.
"The food you eat is either the safest, most powerful drug, or the slowest poison.
All of us are too familiar with things that cause heart disease, obesity, cancer and other nasty bad things.But having a grub that can kill intelligence seems really OTT.
This list includes alcohol, junk food, artificial sugar;More or less the same group of criminals who caused the above diseases.So, basically, what is bad for the rest of our body, our brain is no exception.
Our lives are busy and all the food mentioned in this list cannot escape.But remember that the key to a healthy life is moderation.If we can strike a balance between health and unhealthyso-Healthy, it definitely allows us to enjoy occasional revelry or indulgence.
There is no doubt that there is no surprise here, because alcohol is the first name for brain killers.We all know that alcohol can cause serious damage to our liver, but it can also cause some serious damage to brain cells.Well-As we all know, side effects of alcohol include memory loss and inattention.Long-term alcoholism can also lead to cognitive impairment.Therefore, adhere to the recommended alcohol intake and respect your intelligence.
There is a reason why it is called "junk" food, and I think we are already familiar with it.Things like burgers and chips tempt the devil inside us, thanks to their high fat content, which is the cause of addiction.Unlimited consumption of junk food can interfere with the production of dopamine, our "happy" chemical that can aggravate symptoms associated with mood swings and depression.
Adding sugar is considered to be the cause of the nervous system problem.Excessive consumption will reduce the production of brain chemicalsDerived neuronutritional factors.Its absence also damages learning and memory.Addiction to sugar promotes indulgence for a long timeTerm consequences that affect learning ability and cognitive ability.
Deep-Fried food is a typical southern style of cooking, and is considered to be the reason why the southeast of the United States enjoys the reputation of "stroke belt.High levels of fat and cholesterol present in fried foods are deposited on the arterial walls that supply blood to the brain.The ultimate cause of the stroke is the lack of adequate blood supply.So, when you include a lot of fried chicken in your daily diet, you know that you will be in trouble.
Considering our busy life, processed meals sound like a blessing.With little time at hand, frozen food has become an eternal companion for most of us.However, regular consumption of packaged foods increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's, a dementia that over time can lead to brain cell degradation.
Like sugary substances, salty foods can also be addictive and have dangerous consequences.It is well known that sodium interferes with our blood pressure, but do you know that it also interferes with our ability to think?The doctor suggested that we reduce the intake of salt, which is not done in vain.Salt is used heavily in Pickles as a quality preservative, so don't overindulge.
Proteins -good, fats -What we learned at school is bad.But when proteins include processed proteins like sausages, sausages and sausages, we are in a dangerous situation.Preservatives for processed meat, such as sodium nitrate, combine with protein to form cancerInduced factors of nitrosamines.
Nicotine may not be fully up to the standard of food, but for many of us it is more expensive than food.Cancer sticks are known to limit the oxygen and blood supply to the brain.In addition, it tightens the capillaries and affects the function of the neurotransport, a chemical that helps us communicate in the body.
Many of us think artificial sweeteners are harmful.It's free, but we're wrong.Like most other things mentioned in this list, moderate consumption of artificial sweeteners does not hurt, but yes, abuse them and you will have to bear the consequences, including brain damage.
Most of our packaged foods contain trans fats, especially the delicious French fries that we like to eat.Trans fats have been making us vulnerable to strokes for some time because they have blocked the arteries of cholesterol deposits.In addition, they can lead to brain atrophy, which is no different from the situation in patients with Alzheimer's disease.
It is surprising that none of the foods on this list happen to be harmful to health.The intelligence is still how we manage to keep the food under cover and stay as far away as possible.
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