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weird, but it's food! - times of india - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-13
weird, but it\'s food! - times of india  -  beef jerky dehydrator
We give you a list of some species that are common from rodents, reptiles and mammals families that are served as food. . .
Smoked Bats (Indonesia)
: When the appearance of bats reminds us of the horror story of Count de Gurra, Indonesians may have overcome their fears by treating bats as delicious.
People who take risks with this unimaginable creature say it tastes like beef jerky.
These bats are usually smoked.
They are only about 3 inch long and look like brown mice.
Fried frog legs (South America)
They are fried, seasoned and fried.
The man who tasted them said that the big hind legs of the two frogs tasted like chicken. Ribbid that!
Snake Blood (Thailand)
: It's fresh according to a recent TV documentary
From the King of glasses, it can be used as a cocktail or as a mixed drink for exhortation.
Blood should have medicinal and sexual abilities.
As slang says, the snake in the pants! Hisss. . .
Turtle Eggs (Nicaragua)
: Raw turtle eggs look like table tennis cooked.
The way to do it in Nicaragua is to make a small crack on the soft shell, maybe add a few drops of hot sauce, then suck the ingredients down, followed by a cup of rum.
The eggs are a little fishy. Maybe everyone doesn't like them.
In fact, turtle eggs are cooked and eaten like eggs in some parts of India, until after the big ban, the turtles are identified as endangered species.
Crocodile snack bar (South Louis Anna state)
: Fried crocodile blocks (
The part of the tail that was knocked in the corn flour dressing)
Table on a wooden string of 10 inch.
This rare delicacy is seen mainly during outdoor festivals, and it is as chewy as a piece of hard pork.
Most people flinch at the thought of eating these big lizards.
After washing, these things can be cooked as you like, and the taste is closest to fried fish, chicken nuggets or roast pork ribs.
Monkey Toes (Indonesia)
: Fry the monkey toes and eat them directly from the bones.
Squirrel brain (US South)
: While we are satisfied with our regular bheja fried food, it is easy to buy in most biryani joints;
The southern nation of the United States can provide a little less.
After all, the brain of climbing trees is obviously much smaller than our grass --
Eat friendly goats!
The head of the squirrel is cooked with the rest of the body (
After cleaning of course)
Then, with fingers and forks, the skull is cracked and the brain is dug out.
The brave gourmets say it tastes like mushrooms.
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