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using a food dehydrator - do's and dont's - small food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-02
using a food dehydrator - do\'s and dont\'s  -  small food dehydrator
Always cut the food into one piece before putting it into the food dehydrator
The fourth block or segment.
This will allow the surface to be best exposed to the heat and airflow of the dehydrator.
Distribute the food slices evenly on the dehydrator sheet as much as possible.
This will also promote the drying process, making it very extensive and effective.
It is recommended to check the drying of the food occasionally.
Items located near the food dehydrator fan will dry faster than others.
This can be remedied by alternately repositioning the tray after a few hours.
Make sure to dry the food carefully and give them time to cool at room temperature before putting them in a sealed container.
Even if the moisture levels of food taken out of the dehydrator are low, they can still secrete a certain amount of water.
If the food, after experiencing dehydration, has a cooling time before placing them in a closed container, the moisture will be excluded from the closed container.
Occasionally clean the dehydrator with lukewarm water, especially near the bottom of the dehydrator that may have collected small pieces of food.
Try a variety of food, recipes and different ways to prepare food.
Never try fast
Track the drying process of food by raising the temperature of the dehydrator above the recommended temperature level that the food should be exposed.
If this is done, hardening or partial dehydration will occur, and the food will have a hard surface and the interior will still be damp, which will destroy the food prematurely.
Dry the same food together.
Dry vegetables and other vegetables and fruits with other fruits.
Do not dry asparagus or onions with bananas and other fruits.
Always label the container of dry food as the date of dehydration.
You can use this to monitor the age and shelf life of your food.
Do not dry the food in a microwave oven.
The best way to dehydrate is to use a food dehydrator.
There are many kinds of home dehydrator on the market.
Here you can read more about choosing a food dehydrator to use at home.
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