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using a food dehydrator - do's and don'ts - food dryer dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-02
using a food dehydrator - do\'s and don\'ts  -  food dryer dehydrator
Before putting food into a food dehydrator, cut them into 1/4 slices or strips.
This will ensure that the surface of the food is exposed to the maximum amount of heat and air flow from the dehydrator.
Spread the slices as evenly and thoroughly as possible on the dehydrator sheet.
This will help to make the dehydration process as complete and efficient as possible.
Occasionally check the dry condition of the item.
The slice closest to the dehydrator fan dries faster than other foods.
Rotating the dry tray every few hours can alleviate this situation.
Thoroughly dry the items and then let them cool at room temperature before sealing them in an air tight container.
Dry items taken directly from the dehydrator can "sweat" even if the moisture content is low ".
Allow a post
Dehydration cools for a period of time and before sealing the moisture in the container will ensure that the moisture is not trapped in the container.
Occasionally clean the equipment with warm water, especially at the bottom of the dryer, where there may be some food gathering.
Don't be afraid to try different foods, recipes and food preparation.
Do not try to speed up the food drying process by raising the dehydrator thermostat to a food recommended level of dehydration temperature.
This may lead to hardening of the case;
Not fully dehydrated, can result in a hard outside of the food, the inside is too wet, and the food deteriorate prematurely.
Do not dehydrate together in different food categories;
Fruits and vegetables are dehydrated with vegetables.
It is not recommended to dehydrate onions or asparagus with bananas or other fruits.
Don't forget to label the dehydrated date on a container containing dry food.
This will help monitor their age and shelf life.
Do not dehydrate food in the microwave oven.
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