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using a dehydrator Special Hand Care for Winter

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-17
If you want to protect your hands from bad weather, it is imperative to provide special care for your hands during the winter months.Do you need some winter care tips for your hands?Read on!
Soft, satin-Like you like hands.Even in winter!

so.Apply a moisturizer on your hands, which can be applied all year round, but in winter they need to pay special attention.Read on and learn the nuances of it.

The skin on our hands is very, very thin, so it tends to dry quickly.With this in mind, the skin will become more dry in the harsh winter.Therefore, it will bring a lot of pressure to take better care of your hands, especially in winter, because the dry winter will have a disastrous impact on your opponent.
In daily life, you don't even realize how much you tend to use your hands.Naturally, you didn't really think about the kind of activity you did with our hands, or whether it would hurt your hands.
For example, simple things like not wearing gloves, sitting in the workplace, a full set of heating systems, and/or overwashing your hands using soap that may be made from harsh chemicals.
All of these activities, as well as similar activities, can lead to excessive drying in the hands, resulting in loss of moisture in the hands, and lead to rupture and roughness of moisture in the hands.That's why it's important that you notice how you treat your hands.Only then can you change and bring the basic care you need.
In this direction, you should follow some basic skin care procedures in order to keep your hands soft and healthy.Here are the details of what needs to be done so that you can bring better winter hand care.Read, understand and understand.

Hand washing is essential, especially in winter, because the skin is easy to dry.Dry skin means that there will be dead skin cells in your hands to form an outer layer, and you need to remove the same cells first before proceeding with other steps.
Removing dead skin cells can allow the moisturizer to soak better and make the skin surface smoother.Scrubbing hands with certain natural and herbal products is the perfect way to remove the accumulated dirt and dead skin.
Take a few dates and grind them, then add freshly squeezed tomato juice and scrub them.Wash off with warm water.
Mix 1 cup of half sugar with 1/3 cup of salt and add a cup of olive oil and grated lemon peel to the mixture.Scrub and wash off.
Add water to the oats and scrub your hands with it.Wash off with warm water.
Grind mung beans into powder and scrub after adding water.
In addition to these natural ingredients, you can also buy commercial products that are easy to buy on the market.

Always moisturize.This is the whole and end of keeping your hands soft and smooth.Moisturizing lotion and cream not only provide a protective shield for your hands, but also replenish water for them to make up for drying.Depending on the type of skin you have, you need to choose a moisturizing product.
Moisturizing lotion is more suitable for oily skin, for example, because it has a water-based, so it is easy to soak in the skin.Therefore, the moisturizer is thicker and best suited for dry skin types.
When it comes to winter, however, it is often recommended and required to use a thicker moisturizer, as the harsh climate makes it easy for the skin to dry further.Look for moisturizers with vitamin E and softener like oil.These will nourish your hands and make it soft.

Mix essential oils of your choice (lavender, ylang-Use wheat germ oil) and use it if necessary.
Mix shea butter, honey and any other essential oils and use a rich layer of essential oils.
In addition to these herbs and natural moisturizers, there are many morexa0A commercial product that is easy to buy on the market.You can choose from any popular brands such as Vaseline, body shops, Dove, etc.Each of these brands will offer a wide range of products specifically prepared for different skin types and times of the year.

Masks can not only provide moreNeed to replenish water, but also give extra care to your hands.
Soak your hands with a mixture of olive oil (4 tbs) and warm water (2 cups) 10-Wash off after 15 minutes.
Apply a moisturizer afterwards.
Cut a piece of aloe leaf and apply the juice to your hand.Then massage, 15-20 minutes.
Wash off with warm water.
With glycerin (1 tablespoon), rose water (2-3 ounces), olive oil (2 tablespoons), egg yolk (1), lemon juice (1 lemon), apply to your hand.Open for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water.
Apply warm coconut oil or olive oil to your hands and massage.Let it stay overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Follow this procedure at least once every 15 days :.
Wash your hands with high quality hand sanitizer, which contains essential oils and moisturizers.
Then use any scrub mentioned earlierxa0Scrub your hand.Wash off with warm water.
Steam your hands for 10 minutes.Don't soak them in hot water and steam them only.This will not only open the pores, but will also soften and eventually remove the skin that is hardened or broken on the hands.
Next, wear a mask with your hands, gloves, and spend the night.
Wash off any residue in the morning.
Then apply a moisturizer.
Another way is to apply a thick moisturizer after steaming and then wrap your hands in a plastic bag.Wear gloves for the night or about an hour.
Another option is to open the vitamin E capsule and apply it on your hand.This is a great drug for treating dry skin and providing lost nutrients.

When you are outdoors, be sure to wear gloves so that the harsh climate does not deprive the skin of moisture.
Use a good quality moisturizer even if you are indoors.In fact, this is even more true when central heating is in place.
Avoid washing your hands often, because washing your hands only leads to dryness.Replace with hand sanitizer.When washing your hands with water, try to avoid using soap because it will make your skin more dry.
Instead, use a high-quality hand sanitizer containing oil, Libin, or other moisturizers.Also, make sure that alcohol is not one of the ingredients in hand sanitizer or soap as it also dries the skin.Washing your hands with hot water is also not encouraged as it can lead to huge drying.
Use sunscreen when out to protect your skin from the sun and other elements in the air.Use it even if you are indoors.
Use rubber gloves when doing housework, as water and other abrasive chemicals discharge all the moisture that makes the skin rough.
Rub a few drops of lemon juice on your hand to moisturize your skin and keep it balanced at pH.
Place a water plate near the humidifier to keep enough humidity in the air to avoid the adverse effects of dry air on the skin.
Follow a diet rich in Omega 3 and naturally replenish your body, which will show up on your skin.
Once you know "how", it's not hard to take care of the skin.The approach discussed here definitely helps you to follow a good system!
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