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using a dehydrator Dry Scaly Eyelids

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-17
Every time you look in the mirror at your dry scaly eyelids, swearing at them doesn't make things better.You need to understand what caused the problem and take steps to deal with it.This article is also helpful to you.
The problem with dry scaly eyelids is mainly due to the long-term use of cosmetics, shampoo, detergent, and even certain foods.These substances may be allergens in some people.In some cases, this may be a manifestation of a disease called blepharitis.This disease usually affects the edge of the eyelid, causing inflammation, itching, redness, flaky and scalding of the eyelid.People with dermatitis (eczema) may also experience the same situation.
Detection of symptoms that may accompany dry squamous eyelids may help to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Needless to say, the eyes are more sensitive than any other part of the body.Having said that, I suggest you avoid yourself.Medication for any problem with eyes;In this case, the eyelids.Therefore, you must consult a qualified dermatologist before using any product such as lotion, gel, cream or moisturizer to solve the problem.But there's some self.Nursing measures to alleviate symptoms to a certain extent.
 x98 x9bxa0Soak clean towels in hot water and wring them dry.Close your eyes and put the towel on your eyelids.Warmth helps to relax the hard skin deposits on the eyelids.Make sure the cloth is not too hot.
Wet a small part of the towel and drop a few drops of baby shampoo on it.Now gently wipe any debris or skin scales that accumulate at the bottom of the upper and lower eyelids.If the hard crust deposit is too dry, you may have to wipe the area several times.
 x98 x9bxa0Rinse your eyes properly with warm water and then pat them dry.
When you notice that your eyelids become dry or scaly, take note of any skin care or cosmetic products you have recently used or used.Avoid using these products for a while and see if you have symptoms again.
 x98 x9bxa0It is also important to maintain personal hygiene, as any infection can worsen your eyelid condition.Keep your hands clean at all times.It's a good idea to carry hand sanitizer with you.Avoid touching your eyes with your hands;Use a clean handkerchief if you need it.
The medical treatment of dry squamous eyelids depends on the root cause.For example, if it is blepharitis, eye drops that may contain antibiotics or steroids can be prescribed for patients.It is also possible to recommend drops of Labor.If the underlying cause is eczema, then it is recommended that these symptoms be treated orally or locally with cortical steroids, antibiotics, antiamine, or light therapy.
Avoiding its potential causes can prevent dry squamous eyelids.Follow good personal hygiene, use clean clothes to wipe eyes, remove makeup before going to bed, can prevent Blepharitis.If you have an allergic dermatitis, then the most important thing is to keep your skin moist.To do this, you can use the product that the doctor opened for you and keep yourself dry.After bathing or washing, dry the skin with a soft towel.Rubbing the skin can worsen the condition.It is also important to limit the amount of water in contact with the skin, including the amount of water in contact with the eyelid.Take a bath no more than twice a day and replace hot water with warm water.
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