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using a dehydrator Dry Flaky Scalp

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-18
Scalp dryness is the most common hair problem many of us face today.In this article, we discuss the cause and treatment of this scalp disease.
Dead skin cells appearing on the surface of the scalp are constantly falling off and replaced by new skin.This is a normal process.However, when the dead skin on the scalp is lost too much, tiny dead skin flakes tend to gather to form larger white flakes.There are many reasons for dry scalp.Dry skin and excessive dandruff are two possible reasons.Changes in climate, especially in winter, can lead to peeling off the scalp.It may be due to some skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema, or it may be due to some allergic reactions.Other reasons include the use of wrong hair care products, bad eating habits, dehydration, drinking, pollution, hard water, stress, etc.Sometimes dry scalp can be a genetic disease.
Scalp Massage is a good way to treat dry flaky scalp.Massage the scalp by gently moving your fingers with round movements.It improves the blood circulation of the scalp, which in turn opens the pores blocked by the scalp and prevents the release of natural grease into the scalp.With the production of these oils, the scalp will become lubricated and the drying will disappear.It can be done before or during shampoo, even before going to bed.
Dry weather conditions in winter seriously affect the scalp.Therefore, use shampoo and conditioner suitable for dry scalp at this time of year.At other times of the year, shampoo and conditioner are used whenever a dry condition of the scalp occurs.Otherwise, you can use shampoo that matches your hair type.When you have a problem with dry scalp, don't wash your hair too often.This is because too much shampoo will take away the natural grease on the scalp.
After using the shampoo, make sure you wash your hair well before using the conditioner to completely remove all soap residue.This is because the conditioner usually locks the rest of the soap, which then forms a thin sheet.Do not use hot water on the scalp as it will make the scalp more dry.Also, do not use a hair dryer to dry your hair, as the Heat can further aggravate the problem of drying the flakes.
Dry flaky scalp is best treated with household products.
Hot oil treatment with coconut oil is good for moisturizing the scalp.Heat half a cup of coconut oil to make it tepid.Massage the oil on the scalp with a simple circular motion.Apply the oil thoroughly to the scalp.Wrap the hair with a hot towel so the oil will penetrate into the scalp well.After an hour, wash off the oil with a gentle shampoo.Do this treatment once a week.
Mix the same amount of honey with apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of lavender oil.Massage the mixture onto the scalp and keep it unchanged for half an hour.Then wash off with warm water.If you have itchy scalp, this is the best treatment, because natural acid in vinegar will clean the residue build up that causes irritation, and honey will replenish the scalp.
The application of fresh aloe vera juice extracted from its leaves helps to maintain the balance of natural oils in the scalp.Apply it to the scalp with your fingers and wait for about half an hour.Then wash your hair.You can use aloe vera on your scalp as much as possible to remove the dry scalp.
In addition to providing external nutrition for a dry flaky scalp, you must also make sure to follow a healthy diet and maintain a correct balance of nutrition to cure the disease.In order to keep the body hydrated and prevent the body from dehydration, you also have to drink a lot of water every day.
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