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usaid announces three partnerships for low cost agricultural innovations - food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-07
usaid announces three partnerships for low cost agricultural innovations  -  food dehydrator
Mumbai: The United States government through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Three new partnerships have been announced
Pay for agricultural innovation and technology in African countries.
USAID awarded financial rewards to three Indian organizations through its India
The African agricultural innovation bridge program aims to share India's innovation with African countries to improve future food security and feed nutrition
S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.
The shared technology was developed by Indian innovators, including low
There are tractors, organic fertilizers and solar dryers.
All of this is to increase farmers' agricultural production and income by mechanization of their operations, fertilizing the dried soil and preventing post-harvest losses.
USAID and India Africa
Association of sustainable technology and institutional research and initiatives for profit organizations (SRISTI)
Three kinds of low transfer-
Payment to Kenya for mechanized and processed equipment.
Indian and African organizations will showcase new technologies and promote local manufacturing to ensure long-term
Sustainable Development.
USAID will work with Indian company AquAgri Processing Limited to improve agricultural production by promoting the use of organic fertilizer made from seaweed extracts by African farmers.
Over the next three years, the company will develop a fertilizer concentrate and powder to export and sell to at least seven African countries.
Public and private sector entities in Africa will conduct trials to ensure the effectiveness of fertilizers for African crops.
S. Agency for International Development and India
The profit Organization Science of introducing solar conduction dryer for society (SCD)
After Africa's declineharvest losses.
SCD is a solar food dehydrator that can reduce the moisture content of grain crops and extend its shelf life
A year of life.
This drying process retains nutrition, color, flavor and hygiene better than open dryingsun drying.
This unique low
Cost of innovation in India
Free solution to save food in some environments where electricity is not ready.
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