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types of steel shelving - stainless steel wire shelves

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-23
types of steel shelving  -  stainless steel wire shelves
If you are looking for economical shelves for rooms that do not need to follow aesthetics, or if you need more storage space in a garage or storage room, you may consider steel shelves.
They are usually white-line shelves used in industrial environments, but there are also many uses in private homes.
A lot of the time, you can find that they are powder coated, so it doesn't look so industrial.
These are perfect shelf units like laundry.
Most of the time, the shelves are also adjustable within the metal frame, so they become both cheap and versatile.
You can install them on your wall or have them stand on their own so you can move them as needed.
Sometimes they incorporate the wood into it when they do need an aesthetic look, but the wood is mainly used on the shelves.
If you don't want regular white powder coated shelves, stainless steel looks great in the garage.
This can also be attached to the ceiling, providing shelves for objects above the garage ceiling.
The free standing unit is more suitable for home offices.
There may be wheels on these shelves, and there may often be backrests, which brings us two main steel shelves.
One is the closed rear frame unit just mentioned.
These are interior shelf units for lightweight storage like books that require additional support.
The backing is usually metal, like a frame, and is usually not adjustable.
The other is the open shelf that you most often have in your warehouse environment.
These are usually stacked in open space, and users can get access to multiple storage functions on both sides.
They also allow the storage of very heavy objects.
Think about the shelves you see in the club store.
You can find the steel frame no matter what you need.
They always have different sizes for different features that can be found in any local home improvement store.
Most of them only need very little assembly.
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