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tumble dryer - moisture sensor dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-21
tumble dryer  -  moisture sensor dryer
A tumble dryer is a laundry device that handles the drying of clothes through available drying procedures.
This is the best company for washing machines, they are usually side by side, or put one on the other like a stacking system.
First, the difference between the machine is the ventilation model or the condenser model.
In the ventilation model, the water of wet clothes is washed through a hose or vent.
In the condenser type, it is collected in the reservoir.
Ventilation is cheaper than condenser type.
Another difference is whether the model uses a timer or a sensor.
In the timer model, the user must set the time required for the machine to run.
However, in the case of the sensor model, the machine stops automatically when the clothes inside are dry.
This is also called a moisture sensor.
Then the structure of the machine, whether it is compact, built in
Independent or independent
The compact dryer can dry only half the load of the full size machine. The built-
The model can be hidden in the cabinet door.
Separate machines can be placed anywhere or stacked on a washing machine.
The capacity of the ordinary size machine is 6 kg or 7 kg, and for the large size machine, the capacity is 10 kg.
There are many drying procedures such as cabinet drying, extra drying, iron, easy iron, wool and moisture proofcrease.
This program is easy to choose from, it provides the best care for the clothes inside.
Some models also have a delay start-up function that can be programmed before you start.
Some models have the remaining time to display, and the program phase can be understood with the LED indicator.
The temperature setting also has the option of high or low.
Thick clothes should choose high temperature, light clothes should choose low temperature.
There is also a buzzer at the end of the program. For the well-
As a tumble dryer, the heat exchanger, reservoir and lint filter should be maintained.
This not only makes the machine longer, but also works without any interference.
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