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trends and tips for eating local foods and produce: how to become a lovacore - fruit leather dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-04
trends and tips for eating local foods and produce:  how to become a lovacore  -  fruit leather dehydrator
The movement of Locavore is gaining momentum.
As the Oxford Dictionary said in 2007, locavore is a person who strives to supplement his diet locally --grown food.
This trend of eating local food and produce is very good for all of us.
Consumption of local food may be more social and environmental than choosing organic food from large supermarkets.
Whether it's a traditional or organic product, it's usually from California, Florida or a foreign country to your plate.
All fuel used in transportation (
Including keeping food cool to keep it fresh)
It is inevitable to choose local food instead of food grown in the distance.
Here are some tips to help you become a local resident by finding produce, meat, dairy products and grains from local sources.
Tip 1: frequent visits to the local farmer's market is the first step for you to become a local.
Pay attention not only to fresh fruits and vegetables, but also to as much local food as possible.
Look for dairy products, eggs, honey, cereals, dried beans, meat, herbs, tea and soy products.
If you need a bunch of flowers, dried fruits for some snacks, a piece of soap, or some candles, find them at your farmer's market.
Tip 2: Get to know your farmers, introduce yourself to your favorite suppliers, and get to know their farms as you go to the farmer's market a lot.
If they offer farm tours, priority is given to seeing where your food comes from.
Bring the whole family!
If you have difficulty finding a farm in your area, please search for local growers in the local harvest. org.
Tip 3: In modern local society, don't be afraid to exchange goods for each other in barter and barter.
A community has been established for trading goods without the need for additional energy and packaging.
Can you volunteer to work a few hours a week in exchange for some produce?
Maybe the farm can sell their products with your network skills in exchange for a share of CSA.
Help and see what happens.
Tip 4: buy food during the season, or add fresh strawberries in January, with no location in the locavore diet.
Instead, learn what food has been harvested in the months in your area and stock up fresh food.
The food is delicious this season and you will soon lose your appetite for those tasteless Mexican strawberries.
Eat fresh vegetables in the spring, tomatoes and basil in the summer, grilled root vegetables in the autumn, and hearty beans and beef stew in the winter.
By joining the farm program supported by the local community, you will get the freshest food in the area --
Food is growing throughout the season.
Learn how to find local CSA here.
Tip 5: grow your own food, grow your own garden and eat locally as much as possible!
If you don't have an established garden plan for soil correction and garden preparation to get started.
If you don't have room to grow food on your own property, join a community garden.
Tip 6: Save Summer Harvest canned, dry and frozen
Eating fresh food in the winter is an important step in ensuring that the local diet continues throughout the year.
Learn basic can making skills and how to bask in the sun
Dry food, best frozen food.
The electric dehydrator is very helpful in storing dried fruits, dried tomatoes and fruit leather.
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