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todo food dehydrator what do i do with all the plums from my tree? | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-21

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At the end of the growing season.But don't worry if you have too many plums.You have several options for handling too much fruit.
For those who like juicy plums, eating fresh plums is a pleasure.In the kitchen, you can also use plums in many ways.

S. Department of Agriculture, 5 to 8), performed well in baked goods such as pies and cobblers.
Can give you a different twist in classic favorites.Like a similar fruit, plums perform well in the oven by half baking, boiling or stewing.
Halve some plums and place them on the grill for a moment as a sweet addition to summer cooking.
Working well with plums allows you to taste the fresh, sweet taste of the fruit long after harvest.
To dry the plums, wash the plums first, halve them, remove them and dispose of them.Then dry in the oven or in the food dehydrator at 130 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, cut the edges until they become soft and tough-They will stand on the chewy side.
No pressure tank is required for canned plum;You can handle them safely with boiling water electric fans.
Within 24 hours of processing the fruit, you can re-process it from scratch, use it after a few days of refrigeration, or freeze it.
Eat any food that looks spoiled, or those in a jar with a raised or swollen lid.
If you have too many plums to save or eat, you can still choose to use the rest of the harvest.Contact the food bank to find out if fresh fruit can be used;The answer is almost always yes ".
You can also share plums with friends and family or exchange another product with your plums.

The organization has information on how to quickly find food banks and similar locations to reduce excess produce.
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