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tile saw buying guide - cheap plastic trays

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-29
tile saw buying guide  -  cheap plastic trays
There are several types of tile saws on the market, and the one you choose should be the one that best suits your intended purpose.
If you are a professional tile dealer, you need to have a top diamond blade on your tile saw, but if you are just doing the mall tile work at home, this is not a must
In fact, you can rent a tile saw from some companies that sell the tile saw, but doing so may not save much money
You never know when you may need to replace the broken tile.
There are basically three types of tile saws to choose from :-
Small fixed tray;
Standard sliding pallet tile saw and elevated track saw.
Small fixed tray tile saw is convenient to use;
You just push over the tile you want to go through the blade, just like a table saw.
Using a sliding tray tile saw, you can place the tiles on a tray with rollers and push the tiles onto the blade.
The third type is the overhead rail saw, using this saw, the tiles remain stationary and you can draw the blades on the tiles.
If you want to use smaller fixed pallet saws for general home work, they are cheap, lightweight and perfect.
They have small blades that are completely sufficient for simple tile work.
The standard sliding pallet saw is used by professionals.
The cutting speed is faster than the fixed pallet saw and can easily accommodate the tiles you want to cut.
It's easy to find spare parts for them if you need them, they have steel or plastic pallets.
It is clear that steel pallets are more durable than plastic pallets.
The overhead tile saw runs on the overhead track along with the motor mechanism, and the blade is pulled over the tile.
There is no side limit, because there is a tile saw for the tray, so you can cut wider tiles with these saws.
The diamond blade is superior to other blades, and the thicker the diamond shell on the cutting side of the blade, the longer it lasts.
Of course, the thicker the diamond shell, the more expensive the blade will be.
These are designed for wet tile saws.
Decide what you want to do with a tile saw, then go around and find the best type and price for you.
There are a lot of companies selling tile saws, so do some research before you buy them.
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