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the ultimate post-gym protein hit? british beef jerky and biltong, tried and tested - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-15
the ultimate post-gym protein hit? british beef jerky and biltong, tried and tested  -  beef jerky dehydrator
The "craft" beef jerky and biltong have been transformed and are now after
Fitness recovery snacks for carnivores.
British beef has low sugar content and high protein content, and more people around the UK find that it will fill up fitness bags instead of carbohydrates
A lot of sugary food.
Bill Tong is from South Africa, and the beef jerky is from the United States. It is usually cut thinner and often smoked into dried strips. Air-
Dry biltong is preserved with vinegar, salt and spices.
It can enjoy more rare and can contain more fat.
Both remain good when sealed.
This is our best choice. . . £2.
50 grams for 50 yuan, Mark Sandpiper cerfood hall. co.
British beef marinated with soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and black pepper, served with garlic, dill, onions, oregano, and Truba, and smoked on apple trees.
Grumpy and experienced. 8/10£1.
30g, waitresses do not add sugar and pack spicy pepper drinks with nutmeg, coriander, chili and clove.
At the beginning, some chewing will release the charm of welfare --
Beef from England and Ireland. 9/10£2.
40g, 99 cups, hand smoke
The cut British beef is slowly releasing the taste of sweet honey and strong mustard, and there is a little taste of tomato sauce, so take it slowly.
40g, eatwoza 8/10 4.
ComThis Great 2018 Grand Prize winner is soft, moist, juicy and more chewy than others
The steak is rich in flavor and amplified by Worcester County sauce. A top choice.
4x30g curry beef jerky for 10/10.
A large, textured preservative. free grass-
Rub the beef with a strong BBQ and coffee marinade.
The result is very bitter, almost remarriage.
Our group is separate.
We also highly recommend their sweet sria dried meat and peppers, as well as the sunburned spices of soy and ginger. 7/10£2. 50 for 35g; smallysbiltong.
ComSimple, South Africa
The taste is natural, with no sugar added, simply seasoned with salt and black pepper and grilled coriander.
Made in Suffolk.
8/1065 p for 30g, isleofwightbiltong. co.
UkDry, a bit salty, reminiscent of roast beef or salami, presented in a strip instead of a block, with a satisfying flavor.
Another delicious Awardwinner. 8/10£4.
80 is 100g, badboysbiltong.
These special chewy, salty foods made from Hampshire beef look like rosora and pink pepper shells.
We can taste apple cider vinegar and garlic, but not near.
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