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the heavy duty excalibur 3900 dehydrator - food dryer machine

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-06
the heavy duty excalibur 3900 dehydrator  -  food dryer machine
Excalibur has long been one of the leading manufacturers of food dehydrator and is recognized as the leading brand of food dryer with its superior products and durability.
With 35 years of experience in the manufacture of food and beef jerky dehydrator, the company has established industry standards in design, quality and reliability.
The Excalibur 3900 dehydrator is the latest addition to its already gorgeous range of food dryers.
This is a luxury model of a home-sized food dehydrator with large dry areas for bulk drying.
Excalibur 3900 heavy duty dehydrator is equipped with recently redesigned and improved electrical components and grounding-
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Surprisingly, how the manufacturer actually decides to offer a 10 year warranty to their customers, they say the Excalibur 3900 dehydrator is for 20 years or more.
This model is another spacious food dryer for the Excalibur with 9 removable 15 inch square drying trays.
For larger or more fragile items such as flowers, one can even remove one or several pallets for the added room.
There is about 1/4 space between each shelf.
To prevent small pieces from falling from the tray, the unit is equipped with 9 screens, which also makes cleaning easier.
For convenience, the front door and bottom of the Excalibur 3900 dehydrator are designed to be removable.
If you want to know what is the difference between the Excalibur 2900 and the Excalibur 3900, the answer is the electrical components of the equipment upgrade, the heavy-duty motor, the higher cycle life thermostat, heavy rated heating elements and innovative plastic components at a higher level.
It does take a step ahead in almost all aspects.
The structure of the shelves is very strong, and the weight of each shelf can reach 12 lbs.
With the Excalibur 3900 dehydrator, you can enjoy making all the delicious dry food you have always dreamed of being able to make in large quantities.
This food dehydrator is ideal for big family or commercial use and, despite its heavy daily use, certainly offers good performance.
With it, you can dry fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, herbs, nuts, grains, dairy products, or make crafts, potatoes, sachets, macaroons, dough art, and more.
For housewives, you can easily use the Excalibur 3900 dehydrator to help you cook hot and cold appetizers, drinks, desserts, snacks, entrees/side dishes, trail mix, bread sauce, soups and salads.
But the list did not stop.
The device comes with removable doors and trays that allow you to dry bulky items, dry pie skins, yogurt, flowering rice, bread, and more than dry sprouted bread.
If you're looking for a high
High quality food dehydrator can dry items almost in large quantities continuously and still provide you with consistent results, then Excalibur 3900 dehydrator is your food dryer.
This model is fast and easy to use and will definitely last for many years, which will bring you a wealth of dry goods that you have dreamed of in the past.
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