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step away from the noodles: the best food and drink to take to festivals - best dehydrated food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-07
step away from the noodles: the best food and drink to take to festivals  -  best dehydrated food
For most campers, dry noodles, hot beer and sausage rolls are the staple food of the festival.
But there are some great ways to make your snacks and meals taste good, even if they are cooked on a small gas stove on the grass. The first must-
There is Cous of the project Ansley Harry Ott.
Yes, it may sound very intermediate.
But you can buy two for 1-not quinoa at least.
Whether it's Moroccan Medley or Thai, you can put a lot of stuff in your bag and everyone can offer a small meal --
Just add boiled water.
Although if you want to kick, add Tabasco chili sauce as well (£1. 80/60ml).
It comes in a small bottle with a variety of new flavors that can be made active with only a small amount per meal.
Sugar-sweetened cereal sticks are another festival tradition that is usually eaten collectively to eliminate the pain of hunger.
However, a high-protein Bounce Energy Ball (£1. 79)
Will fill your teeth right away and will not dissolve your teeth.
The taste of spirulina and ginseng may not match everyone's taste, but coconut and cocoa mint balls are delicious and rich in antioxidant vitamin E.
Another great snack in your camper bag is Portlebay-flavored popcorn (2. 49/125g).
There are five flavors including mustard, sweet ginger, crispy bacon, maple syrup, etc.
Sold in small bags and big bags, you can put a bunch of things in your backpack and then graze on it all day.
Sausage is a must if you want more.
Believe it or not, there are some of the best sausages in the supermarket.
In particular, the taste of sausages in this supermarket is poor (£4. 50/690g)
Delicious, 97 cents for pork, more than double the price of other pork
Supermarket options.
If this is not enough, you can also add some of the sweet Brazilian flavor of Brandon (£1. 68/345g).
It comes in a small and easy-to-carry bottle that will make your meal comparable to any "gourmet" hot dog stall offered.
Festival cooking can be done on a one-time barbecue or a small gas stove.
But if you have a little bit of cash to spare and want to keep your phone fully charged, you can go all out and get the bio satellite camping stove (£150)
Removable grill (£69. 99).
The stove is not only powered by "renewable biomass" such as "branches and Pines", but also equipped with USB plugs for your phone, which means you don't have to worry about losing your friends again.
The key to the survival of the festival is to drink enough water so that you don't crash due to dehydration and keep high levels of sugar.
With this in mind, new trends in mini games
A bottle of pumpkin can't come early.
Walking around with a pumpkin a day may be a bit strange-to-
The foundation of the day, but the squeeze of a bottle of vermto (£2. 49/50ml)
Perfect for the festival.
There are 25 in the small bottle and can be eaten all weekend.
As we all know, the festival is more than just a pumpkin.
There is also wine to consider.
Because most venues are counter-productive.
Glass rules, there are limits to what you can bring.
That's why cans are always a good choice.
A can of Gordon, Schweppes gin and tonic with elder wood flowers (£1. 90/250ml)
It is very refreshing and easy to carry.
Alternatively, if you are allowed to drink during your festival and you like wine, you should go for a bottle of Matua (£10/75cl)
A long love that is full of praise.
Remember to bring your cool box.
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