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stainless steel kitchen shelves commercial tips for maintenance and use pans

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-18
Bake without a non-stainless steel panThe coating needs some practice, but it also provides the result of delicious crispy skin.However, sometimes you just go too far in baking and crushing everything.It seems almost impossible to remove them.Fortunately, there are some tricks to remove even the most cardon remains.
Remove any tags.Wash the new pan in hot water with mild detergent, rinse and dry before first use.All the handles made of stainless steel pans are hotOven resistant-proof.Heat plastic handle, handle and knobExtreme resistant oven-Resistant to 160 degrees Celsius.Don't let the empty pot dry.To prevent damage, do not scratch the pan with sharp or pointed objects.After use, wash off the stainless steel pan using ordinary dishwashing detergent.Rinse with clean hot water and dry immediately.It is best to boil with water to remove the residue attached to it and add some soda or detergent.Limescale in e.g.The kettle can be taken out by boiling a mixture of water and vinegar or a solution of citric acid.Avoid long attacksFor example, the metal discoloration that may occur due to overheating is easy to remove.Inside use wet cloth with strong (safe) skim cleaner or stainless steel cleaner.High-Polish the outer surface with a gloss treated with a stainless steel cleaner.Never clean your stainless steel pan with a steel wool sponge to prevent polishing damage!If you have a dishwasher, you can put the pan inside.However, plastic handles lose some color over time.
The stainless steel pan is made after the most careful and careful inspection.The warranty covers manufacturing errors and/or errors of old raw materials.The guarantee period is two years or the period specified by the manufacturer (only when the proof of purchase is presented), excluding any damage caused by incorrect use, careless maintenance or natural wear and tear.For plastic parts, you can replace them at a reasonable cost.Finally, we wish you a very successful taste!Non-maintenance and use skills
Wash the new pan in hot water with mild detergent, rinse and dry before first use.All handles of BK enamel pan are hotOven resistant-proof.Heat plastic handle, handle and knobExtreme resistant oven-Resistant to 160 degrees Celsius.Never let the hot pot suddenly cool, but cool as gradually as possible.Never let the empty frying pan dry.Do not cut the food into a pan with a knife or a sharp/pointed object, and do not stir with metal scones or sharp accessories.Damage can only be prevented using wooden or plastic kitchen accessories.To prevent damage to the pan, do not spoon on the edge of the pan.Non-warranty
Non-FryerThe manufacture of the rod coating is very careful and carefully checked.You have a two-Annual guarantee of material, construction and completion errors.Overheating due to accidents, wear, improper use, wear (e.g.Defense of small piecesClose the adhesive layer caused by the baking spatula-Edge wear due to pan sliding) is excluded from warranty in daily use.Placing non-Sticking the low frying pan to the dishwasher will shorten the life and effectiveness of the anti-frying panYou have to re-stick the layer after the cleaning cycleGrease the pan with oil.This is because the agent in the dishwasher can be reversed.Dry the sticky layer.
Or, in the case of very stubborn dirt, the feisler stainless steel cleaner is a horse product.You empty the pan as much as possible and spray a little stainless steel cleaner in the pan.Then you pick up a sponge so you can wash the pan.To help the product, you may add a small amount of hot water during the scrub.Please keep in mind that after this you can only use this disaster device for this purpose.For example, when you use a stainless steel cleaner for glassware, you don't want a slight wear on the sponge.Stainless steel cooker cleaner is also suitable for cleaning the outside and bottom of the pan.Just pay attention to the polished metal: this can get dim due to the grinding particles in the cleaner.The pot must now be clean again and ready for the new kitchen adventure.Have a nice meal!
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