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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-08
The mechanism of this relatively compact and efficient device is very simple.The conveying screw is fixed in the slot, which is usually placed horizontally on the floor of the saddle and foot.Put a lid on it.Other components in the Assembly include the feed and discharge port, shield, flange, coupling, bearing and through end.
The only moving part is the screw.
It picks up the material that is fed to it and transmits it to the other end when rotating.Gates can be used to control incoming and outgoing materials.These conveyors usually handle dry bulk materials.
Dust contamination is not a real problem as the trough is covered.Screws can have shaft or no shaft.They have different sizes.Usually, they are used for a straight line or slightly inclined motion of the material.Multiple screws are also used for certain applications.
The materials for making screws include steel, stainless steel, nylon and Teflon.Aluminum or brass is also used sometimes.Anti-Steel screws are usually corroded.Since the screws are wear-resistant, the maintenance is minimal.The flexible screw conveyor is a more versatile version, also known as the screw conveyor.
This is usually a process.
Specific, must be customizedAfter considering all aspects of the operation of using it.It can transmit the material horizontally, at different angles or even vertically.Both the fixing screws and the flexible type are efficient, and the installation and operation are simple.
Low operating costs.
Easy to clean.
They're almost in repair.
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