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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-08
Typically, the chain is made of solid or laminated blocks.They are connected together by pins and side plates.Deep-The board provides more carrying capacity.
The chain can be welded or non-welded.
The sprocket with many teeth syncs with the slot in the chain and moves it.In some modes, the sprocket is driven only from one side.But for Roundabout lines, they are driven from both sides.
The chain system can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic, including parts such as sprocket, pin, roller and sleeve or plate.To obtain greater toughness, heat treatment is usually performed on steel components.The selection of materials used in manufacturing depends on the type of application.
For example, the system designed for the mining industry will be different from the one installed for the tire factory.For baking or vulcanization operations, the chain must withstand a high level of heat.In Frozen plants, the opposite is true.Nickel coating was applied to make the chain corrosion resistant.
The product usually has or does not have a lubricant.Maintenance-free pre-There are also lubrication chains.This not only reduces operating costs, but also prevents contamination of the materials carried by the dripping oil.
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