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spray drying machine how to glue material to denim | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-21
The type of glue you use to connect the fabric to the denim depends on the type of fabric you use and what you are trying to make.For example, you can use one glue on a craft you won't wear, and another glue on one pair of jeans with patches on it.Some glue will stick in the washing machine, and some glue will not.To make sure your project is ongoing, you need to choose the right type.
Apply liquid fabric glue to the back of the fabric patch and press it on jeans or any other denim single item and you will wear or wear them and go through washing and drying cycles.Fabric glue makes the fabric feel a little stiff, so if the fabric of the patch is as thin as silk or satin, brush a thin layer or even a thin layer.The fabric glue is used to go through the washing machine.
Use pva glue in your child's craft project, otherwise called Elmer glue or craft glue because it is nottoxic nature.If the fabric you stick to the denim is not heavy or thick, you can also use craft glue and you know you won't let the item go through the washing process.The process glue is water-based. if it gets wet, it will become soft, so it is not good for outdoor products.
Squeeze some epoxy on your fabric, such as The E6000, and stick it on the denim fabric.Epoxy is ideal for items that are stretched and hit due to their strength and elasticity-Therefore, it would be useful to glue fabric decoration to a denim wallet or jacket.It is also waterproof and will stand the test of the washer and dryer in a subtle cycle.
Apply spray glue such as 3 m 77 or Elmer to denim fabric and smooth it.The spray glue is flexible and does not deteriorate in the washer or dryer in subtle cycles.This is ideal for decorating cushions with cowboys.
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