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spray dryer - technology at its best - spray dryer manufacturer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-13
spray dryer - technology at its best  -  spray dryer manufacturer
Spray drying is the work of spray drying, the whole process is called spray drying.
The versatility of the spray dryer is the reason for its application in many fields.
The equipment also ensures the quality of the final product.
Spray drying is the most widely used industrial mechanism for particle formation and drying.
This activity is closely related to the continuous production of dry solids, which can be in the form of powder, particles or clusters.
Solution, pump-able suspension and solution are the source of liquid raw materials used to extract solids by spray drying technology.
The particle size distribution, residual moisture content, particle shape and bulk density of the finished product meet the quality standards, which makes the industrial dryer an ideal equipment.
The liquid feed is broken down into small atoms, and the spray dryer converts the atoms into the spray of the droplets, which then come into contact with the hot air in the drying chamber.
The spray dryer is equipped with some sort of nebulizer or nozzle to disperse the liquid or slurry into a restricted drop-size spray to maintain the quality.
While maintaining controlled temperature and airflow conditions, very carefully evaporate moisture from the droplets and form dry particles.
At the end of the product, the powder is constantly ejected.
The drying properties of the product and the specifications of the powder are the main criteria for selecting the operating conditions and the design of the dryer.
There are many spray dryer manufacturers who are fully committed to making this modern machine and offering high quality products.
Compared with other drying techniques, the spray dryer is able to dry the product very quickly, which is why the spray drying equipment is in high demand.
In addition, the demand for industrial dryers is also increasing, because in the drying process, this process is superior to the crystal technology of amorphous powder, because the temperature effect depends on the drying dwell time.
Spray dryers have entered the food industry such as the manufacture of milk powder, coffee, tea, eggs, grains, spices and condiments.
The pharmaceutical industry, which is engaged in antibiotics, medical ingredients and additives, uses spray dryers and a variety of other industrial processes such as paint pigments, ceramic materials and catalyst carriers to use this technology widely.
A very common daily usage is to use this process when making instant drinks like Rasna, a spray drying made of various ingredients,
At present, milk powder is produced using skim milk technology all over the world, which is also an important example of spray drying process.
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