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spiralizer, your time is up - the food dehydrator has arrived - food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-08
spiralizer, your time is up - the food dehydrator has arrived  -  food dehydrator
Slow Cooker, check;
There is also a nutrition bullet juicer and a trusted Vitamix Mixer . . . . . . But if you think your worktop is choc-a-
Stop with all the healthy cooking gadgets you want or need and think about it.
Must this year
Trying food trends requires you to add another kitchen gadget to your collection. A dehydrator.
Health popularization-
The diet master Hemsley sisters book The Art of Eating Well calls it a "kitchen necessity" and the food dehydrator does exactly what they name and they can dehydrate their food without cooking. This means that nutrition and flavor are preserved.
Lakeland is my kitchen food dehydrator, this gadget dries food in a very simple way;
By circulating hot air around anything placed inside, remove moisture and dry the food.
Delicious Ella: how can I say no to Harry Bo, no to the next big trend of vegetable food?
Smoothie Bowl espresso and bagels: the florist Vic Brotherson's day on the plate can be used for fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, preserve and concentrate the natural flavor and sweetness of food at a fraction of the cost of shopping
Buy equivalent
Drying also extends the shelf life.
Fans say it works particularly well on fruits and vegetables with high water content-tomatoes, grapes, mushrooms, pineapples, kiwi fruits, etc.
Jasmine and Melissa hemes crunched nuts and seeds with a dehydrator, making fruit and vegetable potato chips, making cookies and granola.
"Although often get interesting eyes from the first time --
Time kitchen guests, our food dehydrator is a great tool for those who enjoy a full food diet including sprouted flour and rely on nuts and seeds to get a lot of protein, said Jasmine Hemsley.
"We use dehydrator mainly to dry them after soaking in nuts, seeds and buckwheat seeds (
Let them Digest)
To make them crispy again.
"The hermsley sisters are in good company.
Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop recommends a dehydrator for those who follow the original diet (
Drying occurs at too low a temperature and cannot be classified as cooking)
They are very popular with kale fries fans, and since they tend to be scorched with high heat, making in the oven can be tricky.
But dehydration is not entirely for nuts, seeds and hard-to-digest foods.
Dried fruits can also be hydrated and made into fruit plates, water jam and pie stuffing.
In fact, Lakeland, a kitchen gadget company that stores a popular dehydrator, said: "The most common method for customers is to keep a large number of seasonal fruits for the use of jam and salad in marmalades throughout the year.
While we often associate the drying process with the fruit, vegetables like mushrooms and tomatoes are particularly dry, and the dehydration process concentrates their natural flavor, creating simplicity, delicacy, storage
Cabinet friendly way to enhance soup, stew, casserole and sauce.
You can even grow with a machine with meat. life air-
Dry snacks such as beef jerky.
Of course, dehydration is not a new trend, it was used from prehistoric times when people were used to drying seeds in the sun and saving them to winter.
Today, however, we have a slightly more convenient way to dry the food
In a gadget like my kitchen food dehydratorwww. lakeland. co. uk £49. 99)
After about six hours, it can easily crunchy many fruits and vegetables, and it can become crispy herbs in about two hours.
"Our dehydrator has been very popular since it first went public in 2010," a spokesman for the company said . ".
"It is very suitable for homemade healthy snacks;
From dry apples to oranges and pineapples, it can even be used to dry herbs or make honey skins.
"There are dehydrated pineapple slices on the cupcakes, so how do they work?
The machine usually has a heated base stacked with food trays that can be adjusted to accommodate thin or thick food.
The fan cycles hot air around the contents to remove moisture, make it dry, brittle, or become "leather" and chewy --
Depending on what you are drying.
Depending on the type of food chosen, the thickness and size of the pieces, the drying time will vary greatly, even if it is the temperature in the kitchen, many manufacturers also recommend that you record the drying time of different types of fruits and vegetables.
Hydrating tips: soaking the fruit in a mixture of water and juice can prevent them from becoming Brown during drying, try to ensure that the slices are uniform, so that during the same drying time, everything will dry when you buy the product for the best result, after a week in the refrigerator, it will not deteriorate, this is all it has. Happy drying!
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