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Solar Food Dehydrator Applied In Screened Summer Kitchen

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-05

solar food dehydrator Screened Summer Kitchen Ideas
In warm weather, not just a delightful outdoor cooking space, a screened summer kitchen saves you the cost of air conditioning by radiating the stove and oven outside your home. The summer kitchen usually includes at least one cooking appliance ranging from a cheap portable propane burner to a carefully crafted outdoor brick oven or grill. As a small, redesigned terrace or porch, or a large, new backyard structure, highThe size and range of the summer kitchen can vary depending on your style and budget. Canned and pickled fresh summer produce will produce a lot of unwanted heat at home, a perfect jobKitchen in summerThe screen keeps the flies away from the food and lets the breeze cool the air while eliminating the lingering smell. Large, durable and easy to the offer-to-Clean surface for food processing-Such as a wide table or a long table--Used for all peeling and chopping activities required to save food. Add plenty of shelves and storage boxes to your summer kitchen to keep tools, cutlery, and cutlery away from the work surface and safely away from work. It is possible to consider hanging a blackboard or whiteboard to make a list to track the ingredients and tasks. As a decorative touch, attractive trays and baskets are hung from the ceiling or under the shelf to facilitate access when handling jars and fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. Play the screen theme by adding sheds to the screened summer kitchen to grow your favorite Vines and climbing plants. Find the summer kitchen near the garden, or build deep planting boxes around the structure to allow grapes, beans, cucumbers, and other climbing fruits and vegetables to grow around the structure. The lush green leaves around the screen provide stunning views while you can cook and shade the summer kitchen in the hot sun. Growing fruits and vegetables at close range can make it faster and easier to save and Cook. Several pots of herbs and flowers are also hung from the edge of the roof to further shade the sun and add color and texture to the touch.

The summer kitchen offers pleasant outdoor entertainment opportunities; Guests can gather around the outdoor grill to cook and mingle or sit at a large dining table, close to food preparation activities. The screened-In the summer kitchen, you are not welcome by annoying insects, but also enjoy the beauty and breeze for you and your guests. Retractable screens or large, shielded double doors help open the space and guests can easily get in and out of the summer kitchen when insects are not too problematic. Durable, weather-Teak, cedar or metal-resistant dining furniture that can withstand rain and spills that are common on the screenKitchen in summerConsider adding an outdoor fireplace to your summer kitchen to extend outdoor entertainment to cool nights or months. Hanging lights and lanterns add to the function and atmosphere of the evening space. An out-of-the-The way the summer kitchen you screen the shed or the accessory building may make it a bit difficult to run electricity from the house, but you can use this inconvenience to try some eco-environments friendly, off-the-grid systems. On sunny days, the homemade solar oven reflects the sun into the insulated box to heat the food. Or build a solar food dehydrator to collect and guide warm air dry and save to winter on herbs or fruits and vegetables on the screen without electricity, gas or propane. Connect the solar hot water pipe to the roof of the summer kitchen, heat the water for washing and cooking, or install the solar energy-Electric panels powered by mini carsRefrigerator or cooler.                                

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